May Secret Subject Swap - What's a mother to do?

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It was submitted by Battered Hope - thanks, Carol!

My blog is called confessions of a part-time working mom. 
It's time for a confession.

It is Thursday at 4:50pm, and I am having a glass of wine. 

Not last night - the other week.

The above picture was taken on Cinco de Mayo. We had some yummy enchiladas.

So the other Thursday I had a glass of wine before happy hour.

That's a first. Usually I wait till dinner. Or at least till I start cooking. Some sauces need to simmer for hours, you know. And if you are going to pour some wine over the browned meat für deglazing, you want to make sure it's good wine. Right?

Back to last week.

What happened?

It all begann the week before. Usually when Colin comes home from school, he is cheerful, kicks off his shoes and shouts "what's for lunch?" 

The other day he was looking preoccupied.

"Mommy? D told me that R wants to beat the crap out of E and myself, and kill us!"


I had occasionally heard about this boy R but didn't know him.

I started asking questions.

"Did you guys have a fight? How does D know, and why would he tell you - isn't he R's friend? Do you think it's even true that he said that? Where does R live, what's his last name,..?"

And "are you scared?"

No specific fight, he is mean to all the kids, and sometimes D is his friend, other days he isn't. I don't know where he lives or what he's called, I just see him at daycare. I'm not scared, I mean, it's not that he's got a gun or anything. Also I asked around, some kids are going to protect me.


Is this a rookie mother overreacting? 

I wanted to march into daycare, grab that young man by his ears, sit him down and yell at him that nobody is making threats at my son! Nobody, understand? What the f*** is wrong with you? 

I knew I had to calm down and sleep on it.

The next day I was still upset but still didn't have a plan. 

A text from a friend / mother to whose daughter's birthday party C was invited, presented an opportunity. I asked her if by any chance her daughter went to Kindergarten with R, and would she happen to know this family or at least their name?

Carlos Eduardo García Fernández Iglésias Delgado Sanchez
she replied. (That's not his real name, of course, but you get the picture.) 
Brilliant. They are not listed in the phone directory. And if they are, they go by an abbreviation. Maybe a gangsta name?
I needed to get a grip. 
Friday we stopped at E's mom to wish her a happy birthday.

Note the absolutely brilliant age recognition software!!

I didn't have a chance to ask if she's heard about it and what her thoughts were, but I did talk to E, and he said when R annoys him, he just ignores him. 
Good thinking. I wish I was this cool.

I was just about to drop the whole thing when I got an e-mail from K, the daycare manager and friend, asking about a day school got cancelled. I asked her if she knew anything about R. No, but she'd ask S who is in charge of the big kids.

We tried to reach each other several times. Today we finally got to talk. 
I can't repeat everything she's told me. Only that this boy had serious issues, and that he is going to attend a different, special school as of this summer, which means he'd also quit coming to daycare. She'd keep the boys away from each other until then because there was no point in trying to integrate him.

Now I felt sorry for the guy.
Which led me to have a talk with C this afternoon. We talked about being excluded by other kids, and I thought it was a good idea to use an example about sports.
Do you guys ever form teams at the gym, you know, taking turns in recruiting team mates? Yes? So who are the ones who always get chosen first? I see. Are there any kids who are usually among the last ones? (I remember belonging to that group) How do you think they feel?
"Well, it depends, if they suck at the game we are going to play, then they just know and have to accept it. Sometimes they are lucky and end up in the winning team anyway, even though they don't score themselves. 
If they're strong, they most probably are like "what kind of a stupid captain is that, he should pick me!!!??"
After our little talk, during which he enjoyed the ice cream I got him as a snack, and I felt that we really connected, and that he was immensly mature for his age, he was supposed to do his homework, but he didn't feel like it.

We had a fight.

The neighbor boy rang our bell and asked if C could come outside to play.

Mean Mommy said no, not before he's done with his duties.

We fought some more.

When he was finally done - it took him all of 5 minutes -

I wanted him to go to the bathroom - which he didn't appreciate -
he went outside, only to come back inside after a couple of minutes to the upper floor, shoes all dirty, asking to take the iPad outside.

Mean Mommy said absolutely not! And take your shoes off at the door!

Back outside he went, and loudly told his friend that his mean Mommy said no to iPad.

Next I heard them yelling to sh** the f*** up at a stupid cow, the girl two houses down.

I ran outside and said if I heard one more of those words, they were coming inside and fold some laundry for me. And when they were done, they could scrub the floor.

Then I poured myself a glass of wine.

What's a mother to do?

PS: I found this the other day on and want to share it with you:

Love the scrapbook style sign the SAHM made. Oh, and the lady who said "I don't even know what 'wear your baby' means!" 

I will never understand why SAHMs say they don't work just because it's not a paid job outside the home?

Did you notice there were no signs saying "I (didn't) vaccinate my kids"?

Also there was not a single Mom who said "when my kids drive me crazy I have a glass of wine". So I guess that's just me.

Brilliant campaign, either way! 
Happy Mother's Day, friends!