3 years blogversary

Write anything and everything they said...

Let's see. 

I went through my photo stream of the last couple of days. This is what it produced:

C and I made our summer bucket list. He still has 8 days to go till summer break, and I will have to work my usual days, so it's going to be tight if not impossible to even do half of the activities.

On the other hand, just creating it was half the fun!

Then we played Scrabble. German and English words allowed.

Can you believe my first grader kicked my butt?

Last Monday was Global Smurf's Day. I remember having put that date in my calendar some time ago. Why didn't I set a reminder a couple of days prior to Monday? The only thing I could come up with were some gummy candy.

He must have appreciated it. 

Techincally I got this another day:

I got more mystery test drive assignments. One was for an electromobile. It was quite impressing. A full battery can take you over 70 miles.

The very next day my regular car had a flat tire due to a nail that somehow got pinned into my wheel?!

Colin's teacher was sick, and the kids were sent home. Usually the school has to find a replacement teacher. Not this day. At the same time hubby was out of town on business. 

So I decided to and surprise my lovely son with Sushi dinner at the mall. 

Before we made it to the Sushi place there was a (temporary) champagne bar!! (I wonder how long they're gonna be there? All summer long..?)

I felt like I was on vacation!

He was patient and had a blast, too! He almost convinced the sales girl to develop a kid's champagne.

Now his time had come! He ordered sushi, maki, rainbow rolls, you name it! 
And he did so like a boss. Tap, swipe, click,...

How yummy is THIS?

Saturday he asked his friends to come over.

The treasure hunt I quickly threw together kept them busy for an estimated 2.5 minutes.

Then they decided it was fun to make styrofoam confetti.

It was all over the place.

Before I lost my sh** I just told them to clean up their own mess.

And they did!!

Meanwhile I retreated to the kitchen and found a reason to open that wine bottle early.

Today I painted a wooden crate. I actually finished and varnished it. 

Here's the  "after" picture. It serves as a hockey stick holder for the time being:

Before my 3-year-blogiversary was over I wanted to make some cheesecake. Even though I didn't  bake it the full hour that was indicated, it still got, ahem, tanned. 

I tried to make a raspberry sauce to drizzle over the cake. The d***** sauce would not thicken!! I totally followed the instructions about adding the gelatin. Still. 

Well, isn't that the story of my life? 

I don't always have BakeFails, but when I do, it's on my blog's birthday. Seriously! 

You know what else? I've gotten pretty resourceful in salvaging my baked goods!

There you go! It's yummy, too!

Thank you for sticking around, it's been fun!