A Jeep doesn't come cheap

Ever since I disdained the Skoda I couldn't stop thinking about the Mustang. Not the old one of which the driver's seat was gridlocked. 

The 2015 one! 

The first one that is going to be officially imported to European countries. Every other Mustang that drives around in Switzerland made its way into the country by import companies that adjusted headlights, engine and whatnot so the car would be approved by the Swiss DMV.

It's also the one I can't afford. Unfortunately, the only money I have come into recently, was fictional.

However I could do what every business person does in order to optimize liquidity: save costs, sell assets, increase revenue.

So with a bit of sadness, but lots of determination I sold my limited edition LVs.

Also I signed up for mystery shopping assignments, because I figured why not make money with what I do best? 

Ironically I got two car dealership missions.

But already with my second one, I run into a bit of trouble.

You see, i had an appointment to test drive a Jeep. Only I couldn't exactly finish. 

Usually when you want to leave your current car as a down payment for the new one, the sales person walks around that car, looks for obvious damages and then enters the relevant data into his computer, deducts his margin and names a number which is always too low in your opinion.

Not this time!

They sent my current car to the car wash and the tech lab for thorough inspection and evaluation. 

It took much longer than they said it would, and I had to go because C's school was out. 

The sales guy was pretty resourceful and offered me the Jeep to go get Colin. So we took the car seat out of my dripping wet car - which was being slathered with foam in the car wash - and installed it in the Jeep. 

I raced home. Well, not home, I found C between home and school. He was playing soccer with a friend. They tried to kick the ball into the fountain and were in no hurry to get home. 

Of course not. The only time he arrived at home relatively early was the one time I wasn't there.

I grabbed him and went wanted to go home, but you know what? My keys? In my car. In the car wash. In the other town. 20 minutes away. 

Damn, and I needed to pee, too. 

So we went to BK for a donut and a bathroom trip. 


He did his homework in the car on our way back to the car dealership.


By the time we made it there, I didn't feel like finishing a sales conversation. The guy said he'd email me the quote, and he did, so I could hand in my questionnaire to the consumer survey company and hopefully collect my fee! 

All in all I spent over three hours of my precious time plus gas for two of the four rides, 12 miles each. 

We all agree that I need a better way to make money, right? 

Ideas are welcome, and I won't do Tupperware, candles, magic cleaning rags or "it works wraps" parties! Because I tried, and it didn't work for me. But this is for another post.