July Secret Subject Swap - Fireworks

Welcome to July's Secret Subject Swap. Again 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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Baking In A Tornado

My subject is 

What country do you think has the most awesome fireworks display?

It was submitted by The Momisodes - thanks, Sarah!

Whoa, what a question! Fireworks are some of my favorite things in life!

In order to answer it properly, I should probably have attended the World Pyro Olympics in Manila, Phillippines.

Even then, it'd probably be super hard to choose the most awesome one!

Did I tell you that I love fireworks? I love them even better when they include the following:
  • they are being displayed near a body of water
  • they are being displayed near some nice scenery
  • there is some music going along with it
For that reason, Sydney, Australia is definitely one that I'd consider one of the most awesome ones.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France is also a great place for a fireworks / music show!

The next one is 30 minutes long, so you probably won't watch it today. It was in Nagaoka, Japan. Some of these signs actually state that Japan has the most beautiful fireworks in the world. Not exactly sure which signs ;-)


So that's settled ;-)

Or not. Of course it doesn't hurt if the fireworks take place in the most awesome city (San Diego):

How about edible fireworks?

On a slightly different note:  Unfortunately I am having some kind of fireworks of my own.
I fell. I slipped on the stairs, and considering, I was pretty lucky. I remember falling and thinking:

"Sh**!!! I promised my neighbor to watch her kids later today, I can't go on a chopper ride to the hospital! Please, not on the head, not on the back, not on the tailbone!"
So if you actually manage not to hit your head, your back or your tailbone, where to you land? On your bum. For once it's a good thing not to be skinny.

Colin came running, concerned. Did I mention I was screaming and swearing?

"Where does it hurt?"

Now what we do when he has a boo-boo somewhere is we kiss that very spot. And that's how my sweet son literally kissed my ass that day.

Where are the fireworks, you ask? Check back tomorrow, I bet there will be a range of different colors at display!




I didn't write much this time. I was busy finding a vineyard mansion for Karen ;-)

This would definitely make for a nice fireworks setting, too!

Oh, and one more thing: Whatever you do, don't put the fireworks on your head