LEGO Gummy Treats

A while ago I saw this video from the king of random on how to make LEGO gummy candy.

Of course I was fascinated!

On the other hand I also was a bit bummed. 

A few simple ingredients, he said? Hahahaha! 

Corn syrup? Jell-o? LEGO molds? 

Not in this country. 

You know me, though. right? Who would have thought that of all countries, a French online store  actually came through with a variety of Jell-O and corn syrup? As for the molds, good old Amazon holds different ones.

And sometimes you actually don't have to fetch far. I told my resourceful friend Manuela about the project, and she recommended bake a cake, a neighborhood store in her village, where I found squeeze bottles.

Then the hardest part… finding a date to get together and get to work. But we made it!

"Mise-en-place", have all your ingredients and tools ready:

Measure 1/2 cup of cold water (112g) and 1/4 cup of corn syrup (77.5g),
stir well until dissolved

This girl is seriously talented!

Transfer to pan, add 2 sachets of gelatin powder and a whole Jell-o pack.

Only then, turn on the stove to medium heat.

Stir for 10 or more minutes (the recipe said 5-10 which for us was not enough).
Check the consistency.

Pour into the molds. The squeeze bottle was a nice tool to have.

Refrigerate for a while. The recipe suggested waiting for 5 hours. 

With a whole bunch of curious and impatient kids around we speeded up the process by actually putting the trays into the freezer.

The gummy guys only took about half an hour to become firm enough to be squeezed out.

Repeat. Choose a different flavor and / or mold.

Don't forget to wear your chef's hat!

Now as exciting as it was to make the little LEGO guys….

To me, working with the little human guys was even more exciting!