Sleepover 2015

What's summer without a sleepover? 

This summer we had ours at the beginning of the summer holidays, and I decided I could handle two guests = three boys. 

We met at the Jugendfest fairground, checked out a couple of rides and enjoyed some ice cream.


Back home the guys helped to make "Dog Spaghetti". 

Dinner is served!

They got to watch a movie.

Then they tucked themselves in.
 It took a while till there was no more shouting, giggling and farting...

Between 10pm and 5am there was silence, apart from the occasional snoring or sighing.

A day that starts with LEGO...

…and fresh home made toast and chocolate milk is a good day!

Usually getting Colin to take a shower is a daily struggle. Today they agreed that taking a bath would be more fun - and it was! I had some empty shower gel and hand soap bottles waiting to find their way to recycling. Now they were brought to a new life as a fun toy to fill with water, make bubbles and pour over each other.

After I made them clean up all their toys they got to enjoy some lengthy iPad time.