September Secret Subject Swap - On the Brink

Welcome to September's Secret Subject Swap. Again 16 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is 

What is the one thing that lets you know 
summer is over and fall is here? 

It was submitted by Southern Belle Charm - thanks, Minette!

Being on the brink has something to it. I love the evening twilight. I'm sure it's nice in the morning, too - it's just nicer in my bed that early. What I was going to say is, twilight has a bit of everything: it's not dark yet, but it's not daylight anymore either, it's in-between, mysterious. 

Being on the brink to fall certainly makes me happy.

Can you believe I got a very similar prompt last fall? 

Only this time I'm supposed to limit myself to the one thing? 

You know what? There are too many signs. I'd say it's the sum of all of them!

Just spend a day with me!

While temps are still pretty warm during the days, the nights are cool enough for me to be able to sleep better, and the morning air is finally fresh and crisp, just the way I like it! And it all happened within just a week!

I don't feel silly to light a cinnamon / apple candle while taking a shower.
I don't bother shaving my armpits every day anymore.

Our neighborhood "pick your own green beans" sign is out, just like every year.

The fresh blackberries (perishable sobs) that were in Colin's snack box just the other day
have been replaced by a blackberry granola bar.
The beach tote is taking a backseat, leaving the field to the earthy colored purse:

You stash away the flip-flops and get to wear long-sleeved clothes.

At Starbucks, Anniversary Blend 2015 edition is due Sept 15, 
and early PSL (pumpkin spice lattes) are being brewed if you ask nicely.

Boy do I notice signs of fall being just around the corner at the mall!

I don't know how many people are actually purchasing a fake fur jacket when outside the mall temps are still in the 90s, but I sure love to look at it!

Supermarkets are doing pumpkins! Venison and mushrooms, too!
I understand in the U.S. the Halloween candy aisles are fully stocked already?

There is this chestnut cake I want to try and make. Soon!
In Switzerland the hockey season is going to start next week! First games are on Sept 9!

As soon as school was out two months ago, stores set up back to school stuff, and all summer break long we would walk by and mentally stick our tongues out at the backpacks, crayons and lunch boxes. 
"Hahahaha, not yet!" 
Needless to say, Colin's first day of second grade came sooner than we liked it.
Don't get me started on Christmas cards,
this year the first catalogue arrived two months ago:

I said "I don't think so!" But again - the Holidays will be here before we know it!!

Before that however, we are going to celebrate Colin's birthday, spend fall break in the Southern hemisphere (it's gonna be spring there!), start hockey school 2015/16 and go trick or treating! Can't wait!
Can you feel being on the brink to fall?