Cape Town V&A Waterfront

One of my favorite places in Cape Town (or anywhere for that matter) is the Waterfront. 

Shopping malls, restaurants, harbor view, what's not to like? Let's not forget the ferris wheel!

Table mountain, Cape Town's Landmark. 

This makes it more spectacular than Pier 39 or Navy Pier, I think. 

The only thing that has yet to happen (and it will next year!) is Starbucks. 

We didn't take the Pirate's cruise. C was afraid he had to wear a vest. We didn't take the Robben Island cruise either. Getting tickets is the same as for Alcatraz: you need to plan several days ahead. Or overpay.

So very pretty!

The restaurant behind the flags is the fabulous Belthazar Steakhouse

Forget the dropping of the ball on New Year's Eve. THIS is the real Time Ball

At the Two Ocean's Aquarium we learned about sustainable seafood

This guy reminded me of a Halloween ghost

Goodbye, Waterfront!