Halloween Preparations 2015

As great as our vacation was, I was also looking forward to coming home and getting started on one of my favorite holidays!

Before we had left, I ordered a few things, and look! My sweater arrived! Time to get our cool Halloween shoes out, too!

I didn't even mind (too much) cleaning up the living room. Note the LEGO man that we kept from Colin's birthday party! He was going to get a complete Halloween makeover!

This year I didn't have any trouble finding my numerous ghost lights. Also during the year I have been working on emptying more laundry detergent containers!

Ta-daaaaa! :-)

Even though we have a lot of decoration from previous years, I wanted to make something new, and I came up with the haunted house idea. I found this really cool template over at Sarah Jane's

I also used some sturdy cardboard tablecloth roll that I had cut and then wrapped with adhesive orange foil which sounds really easy, but once again the sourcing of said foil was actually hard around here. It was worth it though, I think it looks really cool!

On my one morning off with no appointments or grocery runs I dressed up not only the barbies but our Elf on the Shelf and took some pictures. You will see why later.

For Colin's snack box I started printing out Halloween jokes. My favorite is "what is a witch on the beach? - A sandwitch!"

I baked some bread adding orange food coloring and cut out pumpkin shapes. 

My first try at working with candy melt

The glow-in-the-dark skeleton PJs came out of the closet. Actually I had to find a new one this year, growth spur and all...

A little school bag surprise goes a long way :-)

Just regular bottled water with a festive label and Scooby-Doo, Halloween Boos and Clues

Good morning!

He was too busy solving the quiz on the backside of the cereal box that he didn't even notice the note!

So we are going to have our usual friends over for our Halloween party. Stay tuned for more pictures!