Steak & Shiraz

As I am writing up posts about our South African experience starting with a "S", I decided these two treats deserved a special mention as well.

This was our Bed & Breakfast Host's car ;-)

I forgot to ask him about it. Maybe he owns a couple of vine stocks? 

I know just the place for it!

When you think "South African wine" you probably think "Stellenbosch". I did. 
I didn't know that only a 25 minutes' drive from the city there is the most gorgeous wine region!

We went there by hop on hop off bus that dropped us off right in front of this estate:

There were two other vineries, we chose Eagle's Nest because the name sounded nice.

Such a serene garden!

Guests were invited to chose a table and make themselves comfortable.

It was in the middle of the afternoon, and I only had a sandwich for lunch, so I couldn't even finish that glass, which was a shame! Very, very nice wine! Kaylee who took care of us was very friendly and knowledgable. 

The steep slopes force the roots of the vines to dig deep for the nutritive soil that contains valuable minerals, she explained. Even an element* that helps anemic people! I had heard this at a lecture about iron deficiency, so it must be true :-)

The restaurants that perfectly reflects this blog post's title is Belthazar Restaurant & Winebar. Look at that menu!

They are also famous for the large choice of wines by the glass. 

They serve your glass with a label - I kept mine so I could look it up. To my surprise there is a distributor in Switzerland that seems to carry not only Haskell but Eagle's Nest as well!

Colin didn't appreciate Steak & Shiraz. He wanted a cheeseburger.

Nice view from the terrace, I said.

Indeed, he replied ;-) Can you see the screen ;-)

In order not to discriminate some of the other food that had nothing to do with Steak & Shiraz, here you go! Chicken salad and pizza. As always with extra avo as they like to call their avocado!

*I found an article on resveratrol. It says a glass of wine equals an hour at the gym ;-)

PS: My wine order arrived!