Sunset at the Western Cape

I had to paste these beautiful pictures in a separate post. They were taking up too much space in "sight-seeing". And they are too amazing to limit myself to one or two pictures. 

I'm sure you agree!

In the Kruger Park sunset occurred after 5:30pm, and by 6pm it was pitch dark. To our surprise everything was happening about an hour later in the Cape Town area. Then again we were 870 miles (1,400km) South-Eastern which corresponds just about one time zone.

The mountain peaks you can see in the background are called "twelve apostels". Can you name them? Hahaha, I can't either. 

Fun fact is they aren't even 12 but 18 hill summits. So there are several stories about how they got their name. As usual "the English" have a different one than "the Dutch". Yeah, forget about Apartheid, the white folks aren't too fond of each other either.

But let's enjoy this breathtaking and peaceful sunset moments!

I think this post is going to be my go-to place during the cold and grey Swiss winter!