November Secret Subject Swap - Back in time

Welcome to November's Secret Subject Swap. Again 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is 

If you could go back in time to any era at all...
When, where and why?

It was submitted by The Angrivated Mom - thanks, Steena!

One thing is for sure: I would not want to go back far! My husband always jokes that to me everything before the Beatles is Dark Age, and he's kind of right. I like the amenities of today's life too much, and I am not into history, so I wouldn't be interested in being a Roman or ancient Greek person. Not even for a day or a week. 

I would be curious to do what Marty McFly did. For me that would mean to attend a college party in 1967, that's where my parents met. Back then my Dad's Dad was still alive, so I would be able to meet him. 

While I'm in the late sixties, I wouldn't mind witnessing the Moon Landing and attending Woodstock. Maybe there is something I could do to prevent JFK from being shot?

How about I could be a fly on the wall at my parent's wedding and later observe my own birth? That'd be kind of cool! 

Fast forward to when I was seven years old. Why? That's Colin's age today. Re-experiencing this might help me with being a better Mom. Some days I feel his puberty starts early, and I don't know how to get along with him. 

The 80s! spending a couple of days wearing crazy clothes, big hair and attending a party with fantastic music? Sure!

That's about it for the past.

Wait, hold it! 

While we're at it, may I go back just a week or two from now? Halloween came and went too quickly. There is more crafting and baking I wanted to do. I purchased a Jack'O'Lantern cookie cutter and didn't even get around to actually make cookies! Also I wanted to spray empty Nutella jars orange and paint black eyes and tooth gap smiles! 

I know, I know, I can do this stuff next year.

Speaking of next year, this post doesn't actually suggest time traveling into the future, but for the sake of fun let's talk about it anyway. 

In order to make arrangements for when I'm older I wouldn't mind sneaking a peek at let's say 2030-40 and later. 

  • Will there be jobs for Golden Girls? 
  • How did Colin turn out? Did he meet someone nice? Are there any Grandkids to babysit?
  • What about natural resources? Are there enough water, oil, gas, fresh air?
  • Who of my family and friends will celebrate my 70th or 80th birthday with me, provided I make it that long?
  • What condition are nursing homes in? 

Should I arrive in the future and find out that I won't be around, it's OK, too. I will just know to enjoy life even more and do the things that are important early. I try to do so anyway.

Oh, and don't get me wrong! I don't think I would go into politics to try and "change / improve the world"! I wouldn't even write down next week's winning lottery numbers. Which may be stupid, but hey, we don't want to take advantage too much, right?

However I might want to invest in a business that takes care of the elder. Demographics suggest that the age group of people who are 80 and over is growing faster, where are they going to live? Who is taking care of them? Aren't there too little doctors and nurses already?

My Grandma is 95. Up until recently she was doing really well, considering her age and especially compared to her fellow inmates. Although her hearing is bad and she refuses to wear her hearing aid, she was able to make conversation, her mind was in excellent shape, she got places with a cane or a walker, and she went to the bathroom on her own. 

October 18, 2015

Since September her condition started deteriorating rapidly. She was hospitalized twice. Within no time she needed a wheelchair and a catheter, and she is confused. She is convinced that the nursing staff is using her for medical experiments, and that there is a general conspiracy going on against her. 

Now that she needs help for pretty much everything, speed of service at her nursing home turns out to be an issue. She presses the button and waits. And she waits. When nobody arrives, she tries to help herself. She manages to climb out of bed or the wheelchair even though she is restrained. The other day she obviously cut open her pants with scissors because she couldn't get them down when she needed to pee. 

She told me "if I had money I would quit this ? #@*&% place and live somewhere better." She also asked my Mom to take her home, cause after all she has a car. Makes me so sad. 

I have no skills (and desire) in geriatric care, but I feel we need better places for our elderly. I'm not even sure it's just a question of money. There is no pressure, no lobby. What are they going to do, they're bound to die anyway?

I don't have any answers let alone solutions today. For now I'll just say I am gratful for the good times we have been able to share. 

As I have the possibility to go back in time, let's re-live some of our highlights? 

She used to take me to the public swimming pool and didn't mind her varicose veins.

There was this childrens' story and crafts magazine that was a bit expensive, and my Mom would only buy it for me on special occasions. Good thing Grandma stepped in on other occasions...

When I was 12 or 13 years old she went clothes shopping with me! She had white hair early on, so the sales girls at the fancy boutiques would give her funny looks when she was browsing blue jeans, fishnet tank tops and lace shirts with me. 

I was always welcome at their place, no questions asked, and sometimes I would show up unannounced. One Saturday morning as early as 8am. After a sleepless night I had taken my boyfriend to the airport and needed a place to take a nap.

Speaking of unannounced... A coulpe of times she dropped in for a visit at the office I was working for in the mid 90s. It was a job placement agency. Can you picture my coworkers' nervous thoughts? "What does the little old lady want here, she can't possibly expect us to find her a job?" Don't worry, guys - she's my Grandma :-)

Too bad I don't have any pictures from back then. So here's a recent one, on occasion of her 95th birthday