Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf, Season 2015, Episode 1

Can you believe i'ts been a year? Well, actually it's been eleven months since Cookie, our Elf, said goodbye and went back to the North Pole.

Because we couldn't wait, we got a little preview on Halloween: Cookie flew here for a secret party with her Barbie friends.

On Thanksgiving the waiting had an end, though!

Like every year she made her first appearance by bringing a Holiday PJ for Colin.

This time she made sure it went directly to its appropriate place: into the closet. That's where she was waiting patiently for Colin to discover her.

She also wrote a note saying how much she was looking forward to another fun season, and also that she was planning on hiding a bit harder this year. After all C is 7 years old now!

Peek-a-Boo! The next morning she greeted him at the breakfast table. Cereal, anyone?

Colin thought she might be hungry and opened a strawberry compote for her.

"What's the deal with ice hockey? Colin seems to be a huge fan. 
I'm going on a date with Barbie and find out!" 

The Elf seemed a little unstable on her skates

But who knows better than Colin that all beginnings are hard?

He sure appreciated her trying and promptly created an NHL team logo!

Cookie seems to have caught the hockey bug. She overheard that we were going to see a game on Sunday afternoon, so she thought better be ready!

Did she expect Colin to actually play?

Oh, and did we all have fun!

Nice and cozy in Mommy's purse!

The Kloten Flyers won 7:4

It's a known secret that elfs are foodies.

The bad news is that in Switzerland there aren't any DD stores. No KKs or THs either. 
In fact there aren't any freshly made donuts available at all.

So I got C and his buddy some from the market.

Speaking of food, we enjoy the lunch box labels I found somewhere on the internet!

Cookie posed with a Holiday bear and chocolate before they were being shipped off.

This is our advent calendar. The before picture.

Take a good look at the after picture: Cookie took the liberty to put labels on all the gifts...


Didn't we just have a gift incident the other day?

Moving on...

Looks like Cookie is planning a trip to South Africa!

This morning, Cookie was sitting in the coffee capsule jar, smiling at us!

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