Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf, Season 2015, Episode 2

Last week. our elf Cookie was naughty and labeled all of our advent calendar gifts with her own name tags, so it looked like she felt guilty about it and wanted to make up for it...

Guys buy flowers - elf sew buttons!

One morning she was hiding in the mailbox and had an assignment for Colin:

Colin downloaded some soccer smurf coloring pages and did a wonderful job. Cookie thought so, too, and told him in a note!

Flattery will get Colin everywhere. He offered to cook for her. She chose everything he suggested. Plus M&Ms, which he promptly delivered.

Cookie, the Elf, hanging out with Starbucks sports bears.

Look at that! Our Legoman changed from his Halloween costume into a festive Elf's suit!

Cookie wrapped herself in a bathrobe and was awaiting us in the shower this morning. Hubby, who usually takes a shower later, was the first one up. Didn't think the Elf would mind to get wet! 

I think our Elf was giving us a hint!

Time for pizza!

This concludes week 2 of Cookie's adventures! Come back for more Elf on the Shelf stories next week! In the meantime check out The 4-Crow's EOTS Linkup!