Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf, Season 2015, Episode 4

What a week! A baby clothes quilt, an M&Ms party, how can Cookie, our Elf, even top this?

By building a cute little marshmallow igloo, maybe?

Marshmallows are not something I grew up with, but I told Colin that I heard that the ultimate way to eat them was to roast them at an open fire. 

And I knew just the time and place for it! 

The annual Christmas market in our village! Cookie knew about it, too:

There you go!

Earlier that week we went to see the Coca-Cola truck!

Our Elf must have been inspired..! I'm not quite sure how the beer bottle came into play. 
Actually I know but I can't tell you ;-) For the record, it's full!

 Look how cute! She even got her hands on an elf bite-sized piece of Coca-Cola Cake!

I'm still a little sleepy, I think I am gonna need me some caffeine ;-)

With Christmas approaching quickly, we had to get to our gifts ready. We chose, printed, laminated and cut pictures...

and rolled and stuffed them into soap dispensers:


Of course, the next day, Cookie made one for us :-)

She did so a little early, and Colin couldn't fall asleep until late, so he went to the bathroom and spotted her. 

But that's OK. An Elf can change locations during the night twice. She wanted to check out the newly set up and decorated Christmas tree anyway!

Cookie and her Barbie friends dressed up and spent the night playing roulette at the Casino!

The week leading up to Christmas hockey practice got cancelled - in favor of busy Moms I guess. Plus there are regular games taking place all over Switzerland because the league is going to take a Christmas / Spengler Cup break. 

Speaking of which, Colin asked Cookie what sports she and her fellow elves like and if she was going to stay a little longer and witness this annual hockey highlight again this year.

I think he got his answer!

The Elf had to move twice this night again because he detected her early... She then sat next to a cookie box looking like a door. She brought a note explaining about the North Pole Games that took place last year.

To make it official the next day she wrote "Santa OK'd Spengler Cup!"

Come back for more Elf on the Shelf stories next week cause Cookie is going to go into overtime like last year ;-)

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