Sometimes things don't go smoothly

I have to sit down and write about the last couple of hours otherwise my head'll explode.

Everything went well, I was preparing sandwiches for our hockey routine (had to cut them into bite-sized pieces because Colin is not supposed to bite anything off with his front teeth for a while) 

Why is the bread orange? I still had some extra in the freezer from Halloween.
Didn't have time to make bread this week.
when the postman brought a wonderful surprise from an online friend:

It was the nicest thing. See the little Elf magnet on the jam jar? Perfect! Love it so much!

When I arrived at daycare to pick up Colin, his caregiver was looking tired - or so I thought. Turned out something had just happened. The kids were trying to explain, too, I heard "he did, then the other one did, hit his head, hole, blood,..." 

I saw Colin getting his shoes on and thought "he is a bit pale but otherwise looks fine, why isn't he running towards me like he usually does?"

Turned out he was the attacker this time. He shoved another boy, a younger one, and that little boy had to be rushed to the doc just before I arrived. They weren't able to reach that boy's parents yet, so they asked me not to contact them right away.

I couldn't believe it. Less than ten days ago he lost his teeth in a friendly fight - today he hurt a kid?

I grabbed him, let him get into the car, looked at him and was like "didn't you learn anything? Geez, that poor little boy! I am so sad!"

"I was defending myself" he said. "I didn't mean to hurt him."

I turned on the engine, drove off and silently cried.

At the arena when he was in full gear except the helmet and wanted to warm up on the outdoor ice rink, I held him back. 

"We need to talk. Tell me exactly what happened."

Obviously the big boys were playing basketball in the workshop area, and the little boy was trying to play, too. C told him to stop bugging them, and when he wouldn't leave, he shoved him out of the way - unfortunately he stumbled and hit his head on the workbench. "He didn't even cry that hard" he said approvingly. 

Man! Maybe he was in shock! Maybe he had a concussion!

I told him that not only was I worried about the boy - but it was a week before Christmas, and his Mom surely had better things to do than to miss work and juggle doctor's visit, Holiday preparations and her other two kids! 

Speaking of Holidays, look who was working on his skating skills as well!

Just before practice was over and I made my way from the opposite sector to the boards where parents wait for their little hockey players, a maybe 9 year old boy (player) came towards me in the hallway. Actually I thought he was kind of stumbling. 

Why was he out already? 

"Hey, are you OK?"

He stopped and took off his helmet. 

"Not really" he said.

No kidding. He was very pale.

"Did you fall? Come here, let me help you, let's sit down, do you want some water?"

He didn't fall, but he felt sick. 

"Is your Mom here? Shall I get her for you?"

"No, my brother came here with me. He should be here any minute."

I was gonna wait with him, but I also wanted to go get Colin. So I asked the rental lady in the other locker room to look after L, that boy. 

When I came back to the locker room with Colin (who had scored two goals, yay!) L was sitting there, he had managed to get out of his skates and into his sneakers, and with him was another boy, maybe a year older, but still very young. I asked them how they were going to get home. 

"Oh, we have our skateboards. We live really close by."

That guy didn't look like he was able to go anywhere.

"Let me call your Mom - do you know her number?"

No, and it wasn't necessary, they assured me.

I went back to help C get out of his gear and into his cute, cozy sweat suit. 

I had never noticed that boy before. We are usually late and in a rush, and frankly, apart from a handful of kids and parents - mainly Hockey Dads - I don't know anybody's face.

"Excuse me - my brother just threw up" the older boy informed me. 

Of course.

I ran to the bathroom. Poor L was kneeling on the floor, head over the bowl, I'll spare you the details. 

There was no way he could go home anytime soon. I asked the brother what his family name was, I was gonna look his parents up in the phone directory. 

They weren't listed. 

"Wait, this is my aunt" the older boy kept glancing at my phone.

Great. let's call her! 

She didn't pick up.

Any other relatives in the area who might know your parents' number?

An uncle. Who was home. The older boy spoke to him in Croatian - or at least that's what I thought it was. The only thing I picked up was when he told him they were at the hockey arena.

It was getting late. Outside a janitor was cleaning up where the boy had puked, and I asked him to keep an eye on the boys until their parents arrived.

"Will do" he said.

They boys assured me they were gonna be OK. "Thanks for the water" L said "and for your help."

You know - if my son is ever in a situation like this, I sure hope, some fellow Mom is gonna look out for him!

Back home we finally reached the parent's of the little boy. We had tried on our way home and they never picked up. I kind of panicked. What if they had to take him to the hospital?

He was doing OK, his Dad said, and he thanked C for checking in and apologizing. Isn't that the least we could do?

Then my cell phone rang. A lady said "you were looking for me?" She was L's aunt. I told her why we tried to call her, and she was going to find out about L right away.

So I hope everybody is going to have an OK night, considering. I need to lie down. 

Right after transferring my laundry to the dryer, that is. Oh - and moving the Elf!

Nighty night!