10 minutes writing prompts - Dressed Inappropriately, Part 2

In Part 1 of my "Dressed Inappropriately" post I told you about a promising event that was flawed in several ways:

  • I wasn't prepared in terms of outfit 
  • I didn't have a speech ready
  • I have stage fright

Yes, I'm not kidding. I had spent a decent amount of time choosing miniature cheese quiches and wine, created an invitation that caused about 200 people to confirm their attendance, but I didn't have my welcome speech. 

Not on paper, not even in my head. 

Just thinking of what I might say made me too nervous, so I figured I'd just wing it. Free speech was more authentic than reading notes anyway.

I still had no clue what to say when I was on my way up the hill, sweating like a pig, groaning with pain and swearing about what I was wearing and why the hell I didn't force myself to write a speech, even if it was a generic BS one!

Just as I wanted to go in and feel the room, Mr P, the CEO, approached me and wished me luck. "This is great stuff here, congratulations!" 

Geez, I was gonna need all the luck in the world! The small knights' room was packed!! 

They even had to set up seats where there's usually an aisle! 

I could feel adrenaline rushing into my veins, and not in a good way, let me tell you.

My legs were wobbly when I climbed the two or three steps to the stage. My hands were shaking when I grabbed the microphone, and my voice was trembling badly when I said "Hello and welcome to Lenzburg!"

In the front row some of my favorite clients were giving me the thumbs up, and I said to myself "none of them would like to switch places with me, but all of them are supporting me" 

And I winged it. 

Somehow. I said something like the following:

"On my way up to this beautiful castle I was asking myself what expectations you might have. Graphology - just another pricey tool, along with countless computer based personalty tests? 

Well, let me tell you, the lady I am going to introduce to you in a minute, knows what she's doing. 

The way a job candidate is looking may be deceiving. 

I mean - look at me today! Clearly I am not at my best today, and I have an excuse, I have a bad knee, but still! 

Fortunately she (pointing at the graphologist) couldn't see my clothes when she was analyzing my handwriting three years ago as I applied for my job. 

What she did see - very obviously - was that I can work hard and make things happen. She could even see that against my better judgement I can raise to the occasion and speak in front of all of you."


"Enough of me, though. Please welcome Mrs can-you-believe-I-can't-remember-her-name!" 

(I did know her name back then, just not today!)


Her presentation was very interesting, and soon we proceeded to miniature cheese quiches and wine.

I was so very relieved and happy, and I made it my goal to clink glasses with each and every participant. 

Add to that the pain killers I was on. 

I was at my best. 

Or probably beyond. 

I didn't notice though. 

I didn't care about my being dressed inappropriately, that's for sure ;-)

Later we went to a TexMex Bar. Just my coworkers, a handful of our best clients, and I. 

They were doing Tequila shots and asked why I didn't join them. 

"I don't like plain Tequila." 
Well, what do you like then? 

So they went ahead and ordered every variety on the menu: peach, strawberry, mango, you name it. 

Fast forward a couple of hours.

9am at my apartment. The phone rang. And rang. And rang. Until I somebody picked up. An old woman with a hoarse voice, feeling very hungover and confused. 

She assured her boss that she was gonna be at the office in about an hour, showered and appropriately dressed.

Allright, I made the last part up for effect ;-)