Awesome vs Fabulous

Last night during hockey practice, Lorinda, a dear blogger friend of mine (check out her blog, she likes all things maple and more!) posted this:

I immediately loved it!

Unfortunately it was already 6:30pm, not too late to be awesome, of course, but way past my coffee drinking time, so I postponed this plan to today.

This is what I had in mind:

Drink coffee at home
Drive to the mall
Drink coffee at Starbucks
Be fabulous
Drive home
Make lunch
Drink coffee 
Be fabulous
Play on Facebook
Ignore negativity (is that even an activity?)
Make after-school snack
Drink coffee 
Be fabulous
Hope that laundry takes care of itself
Make dinner
Drink wine
Be fabulous
Go to sleep

Yes, for some reason I thought the meme said "be fabulous".

So this morning - while drinking coffee - I looked at it again, and I was wondering if fabulous and awesome meant the same thing? Officially yes, as it seems.

Still, somehow I thought if I was gonna be awesome I couldn't go to the mall. Fabulous is going to the mall, awesome contains the awe factor, so if I was gonna be awesome, I had to do awesome things, right?

So I decided to go for a run.

Yes, me, of all people. 

I haven't gone for a run in over 20 years. Seriously! I hate running. I am out of shape, and even when I was in college, and we had to go for a 5k run twice a week at school, I hated it. Some people are not made for it. 

But hey, within the last couple of months I have gained so much weight that the only jeans that "fit" are NYDJ - don't get fooled, I said NYDJ, not DKNY!!

While I'm still looking for a way to get rid of 20 pounds, give or take, without having to pass on the five food groups pizza, pasta, enchilladas, chocolate and wine, I figured a little exercise might not hurt. 

So, this morning at 8:36 I went on my run.

Of all mornings in the past two months when it was mild and dry, I chose today. 
-1°C = 30°F The good news is that I wasn't going to break out in a major sweat. Right?

I ran for a minute, then I had to stop and take this awesome picture:

I ran for another minute, then I had to stop to catch my breath. And take another picture.

I ran, I walked, I breathed, I took pictures

I don't know if what I did qualifies as going for a run, but at least I was out in the cold, moving forward, breathing fresh air and feeling not awesome, but kinda proud.

Back at the house I figured there is no time like the present to clean up the garage. 

I am finally expecting my new car that I ordered in June last year, that was supposed to arrive in Switzerland in Q3/15, and I am going to need a bit more space to open the door of said car.

I was feeling not awesome, but kinda proud.

As I was cleaning up anyway I might just as well take our cans, paper, glass and other accumulating, space consuming stuff to the recycling paradise, I figured. 

And that's what I did. By the way, I was still in my workout gear. In the meantime you know me, I am not afraid to go shopping in my PJs, so no problem there.

After taking my well deserved, long shower, I finally felt kinda awesome, yet sore.

I just started the washing machine, when the following message reached my phone:

If Trump is elected president, I'm moving to Switzerland!

Allright. There goes my ignoring negativity. 

I used words like bigot, racist and a****** 
But Jules, the friend I was talking to, is a coffee drinker, so it's all good. Go read her blog, she's an awesome writer!

It was getting late, and I had no plan and no groceries, so I called the Chinese takeout place and ordered lunch, then I drove to school and waited for Mr C. 

I felt really, really awesome when he spotted me, said goodbye to his friends, and ran to my car, beaming! 

"Hi Mommy, why are you picking me up?"

If he was thinking BK or IKEA, he was hiding his disappointment well. 

Turned out he had other things on his mind.

"May I invite J over after school?"

J is the new girl at school. 

She started right after Christmas break, so ten days ago.

I don't know if I have to thank the Christmas play, if he is Mr Nice Guy in general or if it was a love at first sight thing, but he has been pretty welcoming to her and talking about her quite a bit.

He has been trying to invite her twice before, and today it finally worked out!

In order to do justice to my intentions I had coffee of course ;-) 

Plus I was being awesome. 

At least I hope so. It's tough to make conversation with a shy 2nd grader who will answer "yes", "no" or "dunno". 

After a while she told me about her older brothers, about a trip to (the M&Ms place in) London, and about picking mushrooms in the forest. Nice girl.

They did their homework and played some Trivial Pursuit.

Like a real gentleman he walked her back to school where her Dad picked her up. Aaaww!

As for me I made dinner. Veggie pizza. Practically salad ;-) 

All in all it was an awesome day! I have to do it again soon!