January Secret Subject Swap - Birthday Wish

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My subject is 
 If you could have anything you want for your birthday what is it and why?

It was submitted by Rena's World - thanks, Rena!

First of all: 

A very happy new year to all of you! 

May 2016 bring lots of happiness, good health, success, joy and time to do what we love!

Now on to my subject, looks like we're already talking about my birthday here!

While my husband thinks I am hard to shop for, there are many material things that I don't need but that I would enjoy: 

I would like to expand my Bearista collection. 

What is a Bearista? It used to be a simple stuffed teddy bear wearing the green Starbucks apron. It was released in the late 1990s.

Of course people loved it, and SBUX began creating Valentine, Halloween and Christmas bears, sports team bears, you name it. When I was working for Starbucks, I bought most of the seasonal Bearistas, and my friends in Seattle sent me earlier ones. 

Let me show you some:
The classics

Travelers, breast cancer walk, golfer

Back to school bears

Elf Bear

For the time being they live in Colin's closet. He used to play with them for two minutes when he was little. So either I save them for my grandkids, or I give them away. Or I wish for a glass vitrine to display them. 

I love purses. I can always make room for one more! Or a wallet!

I like scented things. Yankee Candles, 

Bath & Body Works Lotions, ...

I could use a good quality storage container for ground coffee. The one I have is too small. 

Speaking of coffee, charging my Starbucks card says HAPPY BIRTHDAY, honey, scr** housework / a day at the office, take a timeout, breathe and enjoy some you-time like no other gift!

When C and I were making our list of things to get on Dec 23rd he asked "how do you spell Swarovski?"
Why did he need to know this? 
He wanted to put a little something on the list for Mommy! My sweet son! 

PS: I also like Thomas Sabo charms!

Speaking of North America, I always, always love a plane ticket to either a favorite or a new destination! I haven't been to San Diego in I can't even remember how many years! Nine? I believe it was ten. Holly and Tim's wedding was in 2005 I think. And even though we've only just visited Seattle, there wasn't enough time to see all of my friends there!

I would love a voucher for a de-cluttering person's time! Someone who comes to our house with a truck, has a look around our basement and gets rid of all the stuff that has accumulated, that we don't even remember we had, and therefore won't miss! 

Ditto for all the other floors in the house! Make room for the things we love, like my future Bearista glass cabinet!

However, guess what?

Same goes for birthdays, of course

So frankly, most of all 

I wish to spend one more birthday with my Grandma!

She hasn't been doing well, and she's been talking about leaving. My Mom told me she thanked the staff at the nursing home because she was going to pass away soon.

She can't sleep, she practically can't hear anymore, she went from cane to walker to wheelchair within only a couple of months, she is afraid and confused. 

She thinks she is turning 100 years old. 

She asked me what day of the week our birthday is going to be. Yes, we share the exact same birthday! I was the best birthday gift she's ever gotten, she says.

So I wrote it down for her: 

"Our birthday is on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016"

That note is displayed on her desk.

The other day, actually it was January 2nd, her son and his girlfriend visited, so she told the staff they were coming to celebrate her 100th birthday. 

Later she told my mom she was mistaken. It couldn't have been her birthday. Why?

"You weren't there to take pictures!"

She may be confused, but she's got the important things down.

My Mom told her she is not turning 100 either, "only" 96 years old.

Granny? Said "you know, there are different ways to calculate your age!"

Of course there are!