February Secret Subject Swap - Video To My Unborn Baby

Welcome to February's Secret Subject Swap. Again 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is 
You're pregnant and leave a video to your unborn child. What would you say?

It was submitted by Spatulas on Parade thanks, Dawn!

I read a similar post just the other day and was impressed by the amount of thought this Dad Eric put into it. Also the imagination! 

I usually don't lack in the fantasy department - I pulled off quite some fiction - however when I was pregnant, I didn't have the ability to realistically picture my life beyond giving birth!

All I did was googling the baby's weekly milestones! 

There's a movie I remember. "My Life" starring Nicole Kidman and Michael Keaton. He plays a becoming father who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He learns that he might not even make it until his son is born, so he starts making movies about his life, this way the baby will know who his Dad was.

It's so sad. I hope this prompt didn't presume I wasn't going to live to raise my baby? Because that would be the worst!!!

Actually, checking out early (along with losing my baby) is one of my biggest fears. 

I want to see my son through everything! I want to take pictures at his hockey games, birthday parties and graduation, I will even wear a dress for his wedding, and I want to babysit his kids! 

If going for another run next week and / or cutting back on coffee, chocolate and wine is what it takes, then I'll might do it!

About this time of year, in 2008, I found out that I was finally pregnant. I had my share of disappointments and a "false positive" (I thought there were only false negatives in home pregnancy tests?) so I was reluctant to dance with joy and buy cute little outfits just yet, let alone make videos!

I did talk to the little guy (I just knew) all the time, though. In my mind, and sometimes out loudly. 

When I was on my way to work, stuck in traffic, feeling nervous about being late for a meeting, it'd suddenly hit me that meetings about headcounts, turnover rates and budgets would not be my responsibility for long now.

So I would say to the little guy "you know, once you're here? On Monday mornings when all the poor suckers hard working people have to go to the office - the two of us are gonna sleep in, cuddle in bed, giggle and be happy!"

Little did I know that my baby was barely going to sleep at all, much less, sleep in. 

With what I do know today...

Here are the basics that I would let my baby know in a video on our life together: 

  1. I love you! And I will be surprised to find out what loving my baby even feels like.
  2. You are my first and only baby, I am a rookie mom. I'm trying hard to do this right. I can't promise that I won't screw up sometimes. I tried to read the parenting books, but I kept falling asleep. I do promise to take good care of you, protect and encourage you! Sometimes I may overdo it or lose my sh**. If in doubt, just refer to bullet point 1!
  3. I need my sleep. I am committed to getting up and preparing your bottle as soon as I hear you cry. I'll also change your diaper and hold you. Other than that, there is no need to wake me up between midnight and 7am! Allright? Excellent. 
  4. I need my me-time, meaning you need to need your sleep. This is what your crib looks like (camera pans). Look, the cuddly stuffed animals you got, aren't they cute? When I lay you in here, it's nap time. Close your eyes and sleep. You can do it!
  5. Most days we don't have many time restrictions. On the rare occasions that we do have to be somewhere on time, it'd be nice if you didn't puke all over your clothes or have a poopy diaper up your whole back!
  6. This is a coffee mug, and this is a wine glass. Both, along with all the appliances with the fancy buttons, are off limits to you, I just wanted you to familiarize yourself with those items because you may see me holding either of them in my hand occasionally. And when you do, don't push and trip me! Repeat after me: happy mom - happy son!
  7. Let's take a look at the garage. This is my car! Meaning we have the privilege of going places whenever we want to! I will also learn soon that driving may become my secret weapon to make you take a nap! As it will turn out, your falling asleep will more often than not happen within the last two minutes before we get home.
  8. While we're in the basement let me show you the washer and dryer. Those are our livesavers! While you are busy making your current clothes dirty, those wonderful machines will wash and dry the haul from earlier today! Even though doing laundry is not a hobby of mine, you seem to think so and constantly work on new supplies for me...
  9. This is where we store our suitcases. Thanks to your Mommy's job with the airline, you'll be barely two years old when you'll take the flower power airplane to SFO, ride cable cars, cross the Golden Gate Bridge and hang out at Pier 39! Yes, against my plans on becoming a happily ever after bake and craft at home mom, right about your first birthday I'll get a phone call from a former coworker. One interview will lead to another, and boom, you'll attend daycare twice a week and love it!
  10. We are taking a look at the decoration boxes in the attic now. My camera's battery is blinking which means we have to be quick. This is a St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun. This is a Halloween Ghost Light. This is our Elf on the Shelf, she's gonna join us before Christmas. We will have so much fun preparing and celebrating these events!

I don't have many pregnant pictures. This was in June or July 2008. Can you tell I finally believed that this was happening!

And look how it has been happening!!!

Your turn now!

What would YOU say to your baby?

PS: I published my 300th post last night :-)