Sarah's Yellow and Blue Zopf

This is Sarah Nick's contribution - a lady I met in a Facebook cooking group. She posted those pictures a while ago, and I asked her if she would like to submit them for our IKEA project. 

She said "sure, why not" so here you go!

"I am usually not into dyeing my food, but I found some food coloring in my pantry, and I was kind of curious, so I thought I'd give it a try." Sarah said. 

She used the traditional Swiss "Zopf" recipe which is also the one we use for our Holidays Grittibänze. 

This is what her bread looked when she took it out of the oven:

And now, the big moment... the cutting of the Zopf!

When Sarah agreed to play along I asked her what IKEA meant to her. She said her favorite department was the kitchen with all the lovely dishware items. "IKEA is fuss-free, diverse, colorful and delicious - everything of which is true for my own personality, too!" 

"I don't get to shop at IKEA very often", she adds. "But of course I'll always have myself a hot dog afterwards, this is key!"

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