A-Z Blogging Challenge 2016 Preview

Loyal readers may remember... April is A-Z Blogging Challenge Time! 

Last year I wrote about the challenges in my daily life as a (part-time) working mom. 

When I signed up this time, I hadn't made up my mind on a theme yet. 

Later, life happened, and suddenly, on April 1st when the first post is due, I am going to be flying from Los Angeles to Seattle. 

Guess what, my overall topic is going to be on the go which seems to be one of my life's mottos anyway. 

You know me, I would love to do my things in peace and have enough time to do them properly. Instead I end up running around doing this and that on the go. 

Without revealing too much about my upcoming trip, I'm going to be on the go alone! 

Before I can leave, there is a lot to do, so I'll go offline and get stuff done now!