Internet Hyenas

I'm not usually posting rants. That being said I have noticed a new breed of internet users lately. They are not trolls leaving hostile or pure dumb comments. 

They are more like hyenas Actually I think hyenas are kind of cute, even though they are considered being one of the the ugly big five, along with wildebeest. But it is what it is. Hyenas benefit from other animal's hunting efforts.

You can see internet hyenas in the following situations:

A lady posts "hey all, a girlfriend of mine just had a baby. I am not a mother, so I was wondering what gift I could get for her / the little one."

The internet hyenas go ahead and post links to their Etsy Shop and Facebook business pages where they sell pacifier necklaces, bibs and other cute stuff. 

The administrator of a blogging community that is supposed to be all about supporting and coaching each other, posts: "I'va had a crappy week, I felt overwhelmed, I spent so much time and got nothing done. Anyway, here's this week's share a post that needs some love. Leave your links. Share, comment!"

The internet hyenas go ahead and post their links without commenting on any of the other ones.

A member of an online cooking group posts a gorgeous food picture that she is proud of. 

The internet hyenas go ahead and comment "recipe?" or simply use the pin symbol. 

When did it become acceptable to be self-centered, inconsiderate and even rude? 

Is it OK because it's just online? 

Oh, wait, I believe people think it's OK when they're in their car, too. Not signaling, cutting the line, a****** parking....

So, people, don't forget, you reap what you sow. 

Be kind!

Share, return favors, pay a compliment, encourage someone!