March Secret Subject Swap - Shooting Star

Welcome to March's Secret Subject Swap. Again 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is 
You see a shooting star. What do you wish?

It was submitted by The Bergham’s Life Chronicles thanks, Jules!

Wow, first I get to wish for things because it is (not yet) my birthday, now on account of meteroite showers! 

A while ago someone in a Facebook Mommy Group posted "if a magic fairy showed up and granted you a wish, what would it be?"

  • The internet hyenas wanted a bigger house, a new car, a self-cleaning kitchen,...
  • The exhausted moms wanted to sleep in, read a book, take a bubble bath.
  • The caring ones wanted their little one to get over their cold soon, or a cure for cancer.

Then there was me who wrote "I would ask her to make you guys' wishes come true."

Because, frankly, now that I was lucky enough to celebrate with my Grandma one more time, I'd like to think that there are no more wishes left.

My political economics college professor began his very first class with "people's needs are unlimited." 

We argued. Once you have everything - clearly you should be happy? We were thinking of houses and cars. "Once you have a house and a car, you'll want a bigger, faster one" he challenged us.

I think I only just now understood what he meant. Supplies. The food you purchase today will be gone tomorrow, hence you need new one. What good is your car with an empty tank? Also when you're a mom: kids outgrow their clothes quicker than you like them to. So, yes, Mr I can't even remember your name: you were right!

However, the shooting star is not about necessities, it is about wishes.

I think I would wish for this post to write itself in such a wonderful, genius way that it went viral, and publishers and magazine owners waited in line to knock at down my door to ask me to write for them! 

A sweet, little weekly column. Kind of like Carrie Bradshaw.

I'd be writing from my seasonal residences.

If that happened, I wouldn't even know which magazine I would like to write for. Definitely not an existing Swiss one. They are either boring / conservative, ridiculously alternative or tabloids.

So I guess we would have to launch my magazine first. That'd be a fun project, given that the budget and the experienced people were at my disposal. 

It'd be about travel, food (restaurants, recipes) and everyday life (psychology, crafts, diy, shopping), my target audience being everyday people, mostly female, in their 30s-60s.

Job openings for writers coming soon!

Let's call it the San Diego Shooting Star ;-)

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PS: Today my FB page hit 400 likes, yay! Thank you! You'll all get a free copy of the 
San Diego Shooting Star!