St. Patrick's Day 2016

Hello and happy St. Patrick's Day!

This year I wanted to plan ahead and start early. Not this last minute frenzy, looking for chocolate gold coins and the like!! Guess what though, I got them early? They got eaten!!

I even made a folder to hold all my secret plans ;-)

Frankly, though, when it comes to Leprechaun pranks I feel like I've done it all before!
So while I was trying to think of some new ones, I did some baking...

We ate some for my birthday, and I put some more in the freezer for our upcoming St. Patrick's Day party this Saturday.

While clothes shopping for Colin I came across those cool socks in rainbow colors! Oh, wait, they're not only rainbow socks, they're weekday socks!

Can you believe my luck? The green ones are for Thursday!

So, magically, over night, his usual outfit was replaced by the leprechauns!

Speaking of outfits. Not only did our Lego Man dress up for the occasion as well, he's also having a Guinness early in the morning. Hmmm, let's hope he know his limits!

As for the rest of us, we'll stick to the green bottled water. There's plenty of it!

Asterix, Globi and the smurf are ready for the green day as well!

What's this? The three investigators went green as well? 
Do they want to tell us something?

Ooohhh, look! A gift?

It's the story / recipe book I've been wanting!

Hey C, let's have breakfast! "No time, there's more to discover! Look at the Lego head!"
Haahahahaha, the legendary green wig I was wearing when we went shopping in our PJs!

Let's see if they fell for our trap! We built a Leprechaun Hotel and left chocolate gold coins in there to lure them. 

Looks like they arrived by helicopter... and green cars! Ate the chocolate and left...

Not before switching my usual pinky-girly  products in the bathroom by more appropriate green ones, though!

They also thought that the "happy Harley Christmas" placemats definitely had to go.

Colin was laughing about this mess, too. Um, that was just me, unloading the dishwasher...

Thursdays are usually hubby's turn for the whole morning routine: breakfast and making sure C gets out the door showered and dressed. But now that I was up anyway, I threw together this snack box using lunch box jokes


Umm, Mom? The jacket? They did something to my sleeves!

When he was gone, I immediately went to my crafty project. I had started the afternoon before, and a FB mommy group friend an her 6yo daughter, both very friendly and very crafty, joined me. It was so fun and productive, too!

We dyed some pebbles and layed them onto plastic bags to dry.

Only when I wanted to remove them, they stuck to the plastic!! Uggghhh. 

Should I ever do it again (I have about 12 more pounds of pebbles...) I'll probably use baking paper sheets. The result does look cool, though. I filled some Nutella jars with the colorful pebbles. Yes, Zee, Nutella does make everything better!

So decoration-wise I'm pretty ready and happy! 

As for the rest of the day, due to special projects week at Colin's school, he has the afternoon off, and we want to drive 44 miles to Basel to check out the very first Dunkin Donuts store that opened in Switzerland this month!