St. Patrick's Day Party @ the Gerber House

This year was the fourth time that I wanted to have a St. Patrick's Day Party at our house. That's why I didn't allow myself to buy more green wrapping paper. You would agree, right?

Can you believe none of the rolls held enough to actually cover the table??? Uggghh! It was Saturday morning, and in theory there would probably have been enough time to head to the store and get some. I just didn't want to!! I had planned ahead for everything and just needed to pick up groceries, so I sure as h*** didn't want to join the crowds on Saturday morning.

Once decorated you can hardly tell that there are actually three different papers. Right? Nailed it.

On to peeling potatoes for the Shepherd's Pie. 

While Colin was busy working on the computer, I had some quiet time to hide all the clue bags around the house. What are clue bags? Head over to the Dating Divas to find out more! That's where (once again!) I got the entire scavenger hunt, and especially those lovely printable from. 

Every bag contains an activity card plus a hint on where to look for the next clue bag.

With the mailbox and the laundry room being hiding spots I was confident that the guys were going to be busy for a while, giving D and I time to catch up!

When our guests arrived they were talking (Minecraft) shop. I didn't understand half of what they were discussing. What happens after shearing a snow golem, how to tame an ocelot - give it some raw salmon but only it it's begging, on and on they went...

Fine with us. Coffee and cake at 4pm

Happy Hour at 5pm

Dinner at 6:30pm

Green pasta for the kids

Yummy Shepherd's Pie for us

I don't exactly know whether this is a Minecraft creeper or a St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun. Either way I think E did a great job building this Lego creature!

Those two had some other green fun!

The boys had started the Scavenger hunt earlier but got into a fight over counting the chocolate gold coins, so they only resumed the game much later and got stuck at the "unscrambling of the words".

Hhmmmmm... what might ARLDEIN stand for?

Ahaaa! IRELAND! But of course! 8yo Eric figured it out!

Chocolate coins for everybody! It was another great St. P's party!