The first Dunkin Donuts Store in Switzerland

March 1st was an important date for Switzerland! 

The very first Dunkin Donuts store opened! We read about it in the papers. Apparently people were waiting in line on the sidewalk for quite some time. 

Of course Colin and I wanted to go! Soon!

Coincidence had it that this past week, due to special projects week in school, his schedule was a bit different, and he got the gift of Thursday afternoon off. 

Not just any Thursday, St. Patrick's Day Thursday!

So I promised him if all goes well (him cleaning up his room, brushing his teeth without talking back, rolling his eyes and the like) I was gonna take him to Basel, which is almost an hour's drive.

I picked him up from school at 12 noon, and we made it to the Sushi place fairly easy. Lunch time!

How fitting is it that the Basel trams are green?

While riding to Kleinbasel which is across the Rhine River, he studied the "menu" I had printed out for him. C is not the quickest when it comes to making choices from so many goodies, so this gave him an opportunity to make up this mind.

I admit, I was excited, too!

I knew the store is located next to McD - but where is it?

Oh-my-goodniess!!! This tiny space??? No wonder people are queuing outside!

Wow, they sure look cute and delicious!
I had texted a friend / neighbor to tell her where we were and to ask what she wanted. 
She sent my all kinds of happy emoij and her order.

While I was waiting in line, C went and took a seat at the only table that fits into that miniature store.

OK, let's see...

Ta-daaaa! :-)

To our shame we couldn't eat them all. We left with a box of unfinished donuts!

OK, I took a picture of a gay bar. I liked the rainbow on St. Patrick's Day!

I also liked the blue sky!

We joined our friend with whom we usually meet for Fall Fair She came to this part of the city pick up her son from school.

The Louvre in Paris isn't the only place with a glass pyramid!

With grocery shopping and dropping off home delivery donuts, we only got home before dinnertime. Who wants some shamrock pizza?