A-Z Blogging Challenge - C is for California

I consider California - San Diego in particular - to be my second home. 

I came here for the first time in 1997 to visit two Swiss friends who attended a six months' language stay, and something clicked. It felt home to me.

I remember sitting on the terrace of the Coronado Hotel, crying and thinking "I hope that if I ever get married, it's gonna be here!"

In 2001 when I tried to get a job and settle down, I had my shot at it.

Well, that didn't work out, no thanks to 9/11, but I wanted to come back to "the Del" anyway. 

7:30am may have been too early, though. The blue sky was still asleep.

It got up later though! Look at this! La Jolla Cove, so charming and peaceful!

Insert barking sounds and distinctive seal smell!

Remember my meditation experiment, when I got to meet the future me? 

We were sitting on a bench in La Jolla, and she was wearing a leather jacket? 

Now get THIS:

By the time I decided I wasn't too chicken to speak to the guy, he was gone.

Time for me to move on. Can you believe they painted "my" pink Starbucks store lime? 

What makes California so special to me? I can't explain it. I love the blue sky, the palm trees, the beaches, the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly people. Oh, and the shopping and the food, of course. 

All of those exist in other places, too, I agree - but what are you gonna do if a place feels home? Speaking of home, this was my home back then:

I don't know if I will ever get to come back and stay, but I'll definitely keep coming back and visit! I didn't even make it to San Francisco this time! Definitely need to return soon!