A-Z Blogging Challenge - D is for Departure

Before I left, I had a huge to-do list, laundry, grocery shopping, the works. 

One of the fun things I wanted to do, apart from making Easter baskets for hubby, son and my parents, was to prepare a surprise bag for every weekday for the little guy.

What's in the bags? 

Mostly his outfits to wear for the day:

Plus some surprises like a Lego miniature hockey player, a snack or a book. I managed to hide it, so he didn't notice till after I was gone.

Last meal at Airport Starbucks. My heart was getting so heavy. So was the little man's. 
He said "I kind of regret having approved your trip!" 

I know. Had he said no, I wouldn't have tried to convince him. We have never been apart longer than his father-kids-weekends.

When I asked him how he would feel if Mommy went away for a couple of days, he first wanted to join me which couldn't be done because it was too short-term to apply for time off at school. 

Then he went down the "OK, so Dad and I - we can basically eat eggs every night, and no broccoli?"

He had a point there ;-)

I am not good at goodbyes (why do they even call them that? What's so good about them?), in general, but hugging my baby and leaving was really, really hard. I'm sniffling as I'm writing this.

He cried, I cried, hubby tried to comfort us both...

After I ripped off the band-aid, so to speak, I went through passport control, and they went to the playground and sent me pictures. Colin boarded a little plane,...

I boarded a larger plane and braced myself to be cramped into my seat for the next 12 hours.

Latest Update, written in Frankfurt, Germany:

My departure back from Seattle went very smoothly except for the little but annoying fact that they took away my canned black beans. 

Can you believe the blue sky in Seattle?
Four days straight while I was there!