A-Z Blogging Challenge - E is for Easter

When we were debating my going to Seattle for Patrice's wedding, I only just considered a really short trip. Leaving on Thursday, taking the plane back Sunday.

My husband was like "are you nuts? The long flight, the jet-lag, the hassle, just for the weekend? Don't you wanna stay longer? I have time off for Easter, so I can look after Colin, go enjoy yourself!"

He may find it hard to find stuff for my birthday, but he sure gave me a very generous gift: time and freedom to do something that is dear to me!

I was a bit sad not to be able to spend Easter with them, but I did enjoy putting together their baskets.

I also packed some Easter chocolate for my friends I was going hoping to meet in CA and WA.

When they took me to the airport on Good Friday, we even met the Starbucks Easter Bunny!

So my Easter weekend consisted in driving from Los Angeles to San Diego, stopping at Carlsbad for some moderate outlet shopping. 

Having delicious dinner with Lucy (you'll hear more about her tomorrow - because F is for friends!),

enjoying my beloved La Jolla Cove area

driving up to Mount Soledad,

and Downtown San Diego

I went to Horton Plaza even though I knew it was gonna be closed.

And I thought life is great! Pardon me, grate!

Saw this and other cool images / word plays at a spot where I assumed was going to be a new bakery or restaurant. I think you agree t the fact that I definitely have to come back soon and find out more!!