A-Z Blogging Challenge - H is for Happy

As I sit here in Frankfurt, Germany, waiting for my connecting flight (that was going to be delayed by an hour), I feel like H is for hassle, but in general I feel very, very happy, blessed and grateful about my trip!

Apart from very few first-world problems, everything went extremely well: no missed flights, no car damage, no lost passport or credit card,...

Instead this happened:

  • I had the opportunity to spend time in places I consider my second home
  • 8 out of my 9 full days were super nice where the weather was concerned
  • I was lucky to be able to meet with so many wonderful friends
  • I had yummy meals at all my favourite restaurants
  • I had unlimited shopping time and found jeans that fit - despite the steaks and pancakes I had
  • I ended up fitting everything into my bags (well, almost everything. My dear friend Yolanda is going to put my new boots and purse into her overseas container when she moves back to Switzerland this fall. Thanks so much again!)
  • On most days I had an hour or so to sit and write for my A-Z blogging challenge at a Starbucks store
  • Speaking of SBUX: I was in front of the Support Centre at Sodo AND the Pike Place Store!
  • As a special highlight, I witnessed a dear friend getting married!

I was almost too busy to miss my family at home. Almost. 

We tried to face-time every day which considering the 9 hours' time difference, my disturbed sleep pattern and their school / work schedules was a bit challenging on weekdays, but we usually managed to say at least good morning, have a nice day or good night, sweet dreams (one of either always applied to either of us!)