A-Z Blogging Challenge - I is for Interstate #5

Don't you feel freeways don't get enough blog exposure? We need to do something about this!

So let me talk about Interstate 5 which is probably the one on which I have spent the most time not only on this trip, but in my life as well.

Had I not chosen to take a domestic flight, I would have used the I-5 for pretty much my entire trip from San Diego to Seattle! Hubby actually thought I would be just crazy enough to do this! 

After all it's just 1,255 miles. And I haven't been to Oregon before. Plus we have done crazier hauls. 
Like Halifax - Québec - Montreal - Toronto - Niagara Falls - Boston - Philadelphia - Washington D.C. 
Or Mt. Rushmore - Yellowstone - Bryce Canyon - Salt Lake City - Las Vegas - Los Angeles

This time I only drove 600 miles = 965 km and spent my time seeing friends!

Now the I-5 will probably not win any beauty contests - CA 163 has better chances! Look at this! I had to buy credits at 123RF.com just so I could show it to you! Nice, huh?

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The I-5's pavement is in bad shape here and there, and there can be some annoying traffic congestions going on, however it definitely has its moments! 

It takes you to Disneyland and SeaWorld for example!

You'll get this view when you pass the mormon temple in La Jolla, CA

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Or how about driving up north from Seatac and get a first glimpse at the Seattle skyline? 

What do you mean you can't see? It's there! I took the picture while driving - best I could do! Please notice how blue the sky is, too!

I-5 is a good freeway. Have a wonderful day!