A-Z Blogging Challenge - K is for Krispy Kreme

How convenient that I had to get my very first KK donuts experience for research!! 

Yes, I haven't had the opportunity to visit a Krispy Kreme store so far, and I have to say I'm glad I did!

Right in the store you can see how the dough pieces make their way through the hot oil and resurface to dry:

Unfortunately you can't see the step when they're being glazed and decorated, but the end result sure does look nice!

And it's tasty, too!

How about this blue San Diego sky???

The first Friday of June is June 3rd this year.

Why do I mention this? 

Because it's national donuts day in America, and I usually miss those "international wine/pancake/chocolate days", and I don't want this to happen again! 

You'll help me to remember? I actually sent an Outlook invitation to my office.

I also put together some facts and figures for you, in case you were wondering about it just like me:

Out of the three, DD is the first brave one to bring donuts to Switzerland. (the frozen and thawed ones at grocery stores, Starbucks and Burger Kind don't count!) 

Did you hear that, KK and Tim???