A-Z Blogging Challenge - L is for Let The Music Play

I was tempted to do a post on laundry. However I decided that you didn't want to hear about the person who left a poop in the washing machine. (True story, though...) You're welcome.

When I was brainstorming for the letter L, I also made room for the possibility that I might lose something important. Like my passport, a key, the credit card, my mind. I was lucky not to.  

Also I never felt lonely because I had so many great friends to keep me company.

When I said "brainstorming" I meant it! Unlike last year when I more or less wrote as I went, this year I was prepared! Upon my departure I bought a notebook at the airport's Swiss tourism gift shop, and over the course of my journey, I wrote down my ideas.

So today's post is called "let the music play"!

Just like scents, music is a factor that triggers memories, and I am basically making this playlist for myself, so I'll remember.

While on the go, I was listening to different radio stations, among them my favourite in San Diego, KYXY on 96.5 (I was surprised to hear some of the familiar voices from back in 2001 who are still working for that station!) and a couple of others in the greater Los Angeles Area and Seattle. 

I "met" a couple of new songs I like, and some that I used to like and forgot about them:

Matthew West, Grace wins

Chris Tomlin, I will follow you

Lukas Graham, 7 Years

Meghan Trainor - Like I'm gonna lose you

Maroon 5 - Sugar

Train - Calling all angels

The Fray - You found me

For the sake of completeness, they also played Shawn Mendes'  "Stitches". A lot. 
Not a fan.

What are your road trip favorites?