A-Z Blogging Challenge - M is for me-time

Me-time or mess-ups, I've had my share of both.

First the good news. 

I really enjoyed my me-time:

  • Getting up when I felt was right. 4am? Lights on, blogging time! 
  • Having M&Ms for (pre-)breakfast without being a bad role model. I owned up, though. The guys were calling me for some Face-Time just when I was munching ;-)
  • Sitting at a Starbucks for an hour of uninterrupted writing. Awesome!
  • Shopping without any time constraints or comments like "how are you gonna fit all this into that suitcase of yours?" 

There were a couple of things that didn't go so well:

One night I was so tired that I forgot to soak my contact lenses. The next morning they were bone dry. I threw them out and started wearing my emergency contacts. Good thing I brought them!!

With parking being a challenge on Coronado Island, I entered a public parking garage. Only upon taking the ticket (were they really displayed somewhere outside where I could have seen them earlier?), I read the prices. Let's just say I wasn't gonna stay long! Geez!

Speaking of Coronado. On my way there, I suddenly remembered my first time I came to San Diego, back in 1997. My friends who attended language school were going for an excursion to an aircraft carrier, and I tagged along. It was overcast, and I didn't even think of putting on some sunblocker. Bad mistake. That night I was red as a lobster.

Didn't want this to happen again. Quickly! I need a drugstore that is on my current route and that's open at 7am on Easter Sunday...!

There you go!

(Why is someone like me on the road at 7am? Doesn't me-time involve some serious sleeping in? Kindly read J is for jet lag...)

On my way to LAX, I wanted to have one last Souplantation lunch, I ended up standing at two dozen red lights because I didn't understand that the address that my GPS suggested, was in the heart of Beverly Hills! Needless to say that this needed to be a really quick lunch if I wanted to make that flight! More about this tomorrow in N is for nightmare!

What is Souplantation, you ask? You must not be from the Southwest, in that case. 
No worries, though, you've come to the right place, I'll walk you through it!

Step 1: enter!

Step 2: take a tray and a plate

Step 3: choose from the salad bar. 

This is so great! Other people did the washing, peeling, chopping, grating,... 

Also I only had to balance one plate on one tray!

Step 4: don't be shy! Five a day is so easy today!

Step 5: Pay 10+ bucks, find a table, eat!

Step 6: wonder where all the other people got their pizza and pasta from? 

What? There is ANOTHER buffet in the back? Desserts, too? All included in the 10 dollars?

This was on a different day, red plates, corn bread. That's all I needed!

OK, one more for the road...

I enjoyed it thoroughly. So yummy, healthy and reasonably priced! Also, it's a casual place where everybody minds their own business.

I felt a little awkward in full service restaurants. Maybe I was being overly sensitive, I do quite a lot of stuff alone and feel great about it, but several times when I asked for a table for one, and the hostess would ask 

"Just you?"

I kind of resented it.

I'm here for my me-time!!