A-Z Blogging Challenge - O is for Outback

Two of my favorite things to do when coming to the U.S.:

Oh, those are actually three things. Never mind.

The last time we were in Seattle it was so busy in Tulalip that we couldn't find a parking spot. As it was also my only chance to have a shopping day, hubby & son let me hop out, went to Everett for a tour at Boeing and picked me up a couple of hours later. 

I didn't even have fun. Shopping should be fun, but with all the crowds I felt stressed out.

So this time, it was pure bliss!

A gorgeous spring day, very few people, no time constraints!

The main reason why I love to shop in America, apart from the selection and prizes, is the fact that thanks to the large Asian population, there are jeans in my size available, meaning short petite. I always opt for ankle length which is just about my regular ;-)

So of course I was super happy to find a couple of pairs that fitted me! And because pink is pretty I also got myself some sweaters and polos.

What's with the purse and boots? I needed those for the wedding. I don't think sneakers would have been appropriate!

When I was (almost) done shopping, I went to Olive Garden with Holli and Mark. It was a late lunch / early dinner kind of meal (no waiting for a table, yay!). Either way yummy. 

I don't usually order something at a restaurant that I can easily make at home, but come on - meatballs!!

Those were probably a lot of carbs. 

I did better at the other food place, the place down under:

Victoria Steak, I've missed you!

Surf & Turf, lobster tails and beef fillet, it was soooo good!

There is also a delicious cheesecake at Outback, but I was too full!

Right outside the restaurant this happened! A little piece of Route 66!

I was also thrilled to discover that Texas Roadhouse expanded into California! 

You can't really see it, but there was a hockey game on TV!

Oh, OK, I am gonna expand this "Out-Post" and give my other favorite food places a mention (I should ask for compensation, clearly I'm doing some free PR here):

I am not a bacon & egg person, actually I dislike the smell of it, especially in the morning. You take a shower, you wash your hair, you put on new clothes, you go and have breakfast, you smell....  Dislike.

I am, however, a pancake person!! 

"Come hungry, leave happy" used to be their slogan. That's right!

Many years ago they had a boysenberry compote that I liked. Sad to see it's gone.

Last, but not least: The Cheesecake Factory! Usually there is quite a wait for a table. This time, Lucy and I were super lucky to get a patio table within 15 minutes.

That delicious salmon was too much for me. I had to take the cheesecake to go! 
Came in handy when I woke up in the middle of the night, hungry ;-)

And just, for completion's sake, even though I have talked about Souplantation already:

This! No washing, peeling, chopping or grating! Just help yourself at the buffet! Love!

You know what happened?

Hard Rock Cafe removed my favorite item from their menu! It's not enough that they closed their La Jolla location, now the haystack salad disappeared as well! 

When I was in San Diego Downtown on Sunday afternoon I wasn't really hungry yet, but I thought I could get one to go. Too bad!

Are you hungry yet? 

Your turn now! Tell me about your favorite restaurants!