A-Z Blogging Challenge - T is for Technology

Technology dependence, that is.

It's bad enough to get stranded when the internet dies on you on a regular day at the office. Or the power goes out.

Are you on the road - the pain increases.

The morning after my arrival in Los Angeles I took the hotel shuttle back to the airport to get on the rental car shuttle to Alamo where I picked up my car. 

I had planned ahead and brought our "Texan" GPS, complete with the holder we purchased in Vancouver. I proudly plugged it in, and... 

You've got to be kidding me??? How am I supposed to know where I'm going? How am I even find my way back to the hotel where I need to pick up my bags?

I stopped at a gas station to buy a map and ask for directions. 

This is exactly why I need a phone that allows me to be online at all times. 

Back at the hotel hubby gave me remote support via WhatsApp. It turned out that the miniature chip wasn't entirely inserted. Phew, problem solved!

One night when I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep, I thought why not play Egg Buddies again. I haven't done that in years. As I was happily clicking away, collecting eggs for my mission, all of a sudden this popped up:

You know what I did, right? Of course I wanted to close it, because I wanted to play, not to install stupid updates, but it wouldn't go away, so I clicked OK. Bad mistake. It still wouldn't disappear, but now my firewall told me there was something suspicious going on, and I should scan my notebook right away.

After the scan was done, I was told to manually delete the following files.

Only I could not find the exact paths that the message suggested. 

"Deinstall the browser" hubby texted me. "Why were you using Google Chrome in the first place?" (Because it's the only browser that is able to do webwhatsapp, that's why!) 

Do I look like I know how to do this anyway? Installing stuff is my thing, not deinstalling!? 

Geez, what if I have caught a virus? One of the really mean ones that encrypts all of your files? Photographs are files, too, right? I was pretty sure they were being synchronised on some cloud, but what if not? 

What if I can't use my notebook for the remainder of my trip? Come April 1st, I need to post daily for my A-Z challenge!

I closed my notebook, packed my bags and went about my day, trying not to obsess over it. At least I still had my phone, right ;-)

Looking back I am grateful that I was still able to use my computer, and that I never had any trouble with my credit card like "machine can't read chip - please pay cash".

Back in Switzerland, back at the office, my dear coworker rescanned my notebook, deleted everything, told me that Safari allowed webwhatsapp now, too, so Im good!

Technology - when working - is a beautiful thing, though! Blogging, Facebooking, FaceTiming, WhatsApp messaging with the little man,...