A-Z Blogging Challenge - U is for unique scents

OK, I'm trying the impossible here. I want you to smell my trip!

It is particularly hard because I can't even ask you to close your eyes and imagine a scenery because I need you to read ;-)

To make up for it I'll help you with associative words and visuals!

Here goes - in random order. We're gonna kick off with...

Cinnamon Rolls


Remodeling (this was the lobby of a hotel I was staying at!)

Pacific Ocean

Gas Station


Grilled steak


Maple glazed donut


Seals (sorry! I'll spare you the hospital, though!)

Freshly brewed coffee (there! Better?)


Spring Flowers

Slightly burnt toast

Wet grass

Photo Credit


Freshly laundered towels

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Ginger Chicken


A glass of fruity red wine 

Bonus points for adding (or blocking out) the moldy wine cellar smell!

Photo Credit

Cinnamon Apple Pancakes

How did this exercise go? Which one was your favorite scent?