A-Z Blogging Challenge - W is for Wedding

Finally I get to share the main reason for my trip: my friend Patrice's and George's wedding!

She told me that when they went to check out the location at Laurel Creek Manor, the person who showed them around said "and if the weather is nice, here's where you can have your ceremony", and they were like "Haaahahahaaha! As if THAT was ever going to happen!"

OK, can the sky be any bluer? I think not!


There comes the bride!

I now pronounce you husband and wife!

For the first time... Mr and Mrs

Where has everybody gone?

I see!

Drinking on an empty stomach is no good. Let's get some dinner!

The sons were quite the comedians telling us about a regular day living with their parents!

Waterproof mascara isn't what it used to be...

Her California friends

Her Swiss friend

It was an honour and a pleasure witnessing this day, thank you so much, Patrice & George! See you soon on your trip to Europe / honeymoon! *hint*