A-Z Blogging Challenge - R is for Route 66

I was gonna talk about responsibility when traveling alone, but hey, isn't that a bit dull when instead we could have fun with a Road Trip on Route 66..?

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On previous travels we have come across segments of Route 66 in California, Arizona, Missouri and Illinois, and I always got very excited without really knowing much about it! 

Once I became a mom to a little Disney Cars fan, I was surprised to rediscover Route 66 in the movie! Lightning McQueen gets lost at night and ends up damaged in an almost deserted little town called Radiator Springs, along Route 66. 

On this recent trip, I was just minding my own business, driving through a town called Arcadia, CA, when boom - I saw this:

Today, back in Switzerland, on a super rainy Monday, I did some binge YouTube watching research, and I really got hooked! I want to go and do the whole Route 66!!

It would also help adding to my license plate collection (one plate per state visited):

2,450 miles = 3,944 km of American history!

There are organized tours for tourists who want to rent a Harley Davidson. I don't ride a bike, but I would certainly volunteer to drive the convertible with a couple of bags in the trunk!

Just imagine!

So we would start in Chicago, on Lakeshore Drive and East Jackson Drive and basically drive in a Southwesterly direction all the time ;-)

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There are a bunch of Route 66 museums on the road, and I guess I would want to visit one or another!

We'd get to Springfield, Bloomington and St. Louis, MO - once I'd get there I'd want to take the same picture I took in 2013, only with a blue sky!!

Next up: Chain of Rocks Bridge, Oklahoma, the big Texan Steak Range, just to name a few stops, and then it's half time in Adrian, TX:

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Don't miss Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX

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In New Mexico and Arizona, the Route 66 passes through some Native American Reservations like Laguna Pueblo with their pyramid-like adobe houses.

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If you are interested in UFOs, you'll want to stop in Holbrook, AZ although this location is not mentioned on the list of reported UFO sightings. It is, however, only 50 miles from Apache Sitgreaves National Forest where Travis Walten allegedly was abducted by a UFO in the mid 70s.

If you like things more down to earth you can always check into the Wigwam Motel:

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As you pass Flagstaff, AZ you're going to want to visit the Meteor Crater. It's not every day you get to walk on a 50,000 year old geological site were NASA astronauts trained for the Apollo missions in the 1960s!

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Next stop: Grand Canyon - no words! (Except, WTH happened, I can't access my pictures on the backup server??? Not panicking here. OK, maybe a little...)

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Even though it's not situated directly on Route 66, as a biker you'd most definitely want to take a detour to Las Vegas and at the very least grab a bite at the Harley Davidson Cafe!

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Not long now till you arrive in California! Most of your days it was easy no navigate - there's only been one route. If you want to make it through the city of Los Angeles you'll probably rely on a GPS, but either way I'm confident you'll make it to Santa Monica Pier, the end of Route 66!

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Kick back and relax! Speaking of kicking... This one's for you:

Get your kicks - on Route 66!