25 things for kids to do around Zurich on a rainy day

Kids don’t seem to grasp the concept of being couch potatoes, reading books for hours and enjoying doing nothing.

This is why I sat down to put together a couple of ideas for you, i hope you like some of them:

Go to the Glatt Mall
  • Enjoy the tube slide from Ochsner Sport all the way down to Starbucks
  • If you're lucky, Mom will buy you a Frappuccino. Find out what other caffeine-free beverages there are!
  • Have fun at Müsliburg (kids and parents need picture ID!)
  • Explore the current Germany exhibition: Brandenburger Gate, Hamburg harbor, Bavarian Beer garden

Go to the Airport
  • Spot departing and arriving planes from the observation deck. A special highlight is Singapore Airline's A380 around 11:35am
  • Enjoy the covered outdoor playground, complete with a miniature aircraft
  • Take the discovery tour: a coloring book guides you through interesting stations
  • Do some people watching, it never gets old! Try to figure out what languages people are speaking
  • Imagine being "trapped" at the airport (when you get home, watch "The Terminal")

Go to the Train Station
  • Find out what destinations can be reached beyond Switzerland - you'll be surprised!
  • How many train tracks are there? Don't forget the S-Bahn!
  • At the main Kiosk look for newspapers that don't use our letters. Can you find an Arabic or a Russion one?
  • If it's time for a treat find a Sprüngli store and find out what the Luxemburgerli flavor of the month is

Go to Globus
  • What is their mascot called? Hint: it's a blue bird
  • How many of this mascot's books have been translated into English?

Spend some time at Franz Carl Weber as long as it's still there!
  • If it was your birthday today, what toy would you wish for?
  • Do you dare sliding down through the dragon's mouth?
  • Arrive at Orell Füssli Children's Books in the basement. 
  • Look for the Zürich Wimmelbuch. There is an assignment of finding the Zurich Lion and his friends on every page
  • There is a giant puzzle on the wall where the escalator descends: how many pieces does it consist of?

Take a tram ride
  • Hop on at Hauptbahnhof / Bahnhofstrasse, towards Bellevue (number 11 is perfect)
  • How many colorful vs black umbrellas do you count?
  • On your right hand side you will spot an African animal that is almost extinct. Which one is it? (Hint: in front of Koch Optik)
  • From Bellevue ride towards Stauffacher. Get off at Sihlstrasse. On your left hand side there's Paddy Reailly's Pub. Go in and have a Guinness. Just kidding. There are six flags in front of the building. Which ones can you recognize?
  • If you're a fan of the Züri Tram, check out the Tram Museum (only open on Wednesdays and Weekends)

This article was published in the May edition of  ThisLife Magazin!