May Secret Subject Swap - Exchange Student

Welcome to May's Secret Subject Swap. Again 13 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is 

On an Alaskan cruise, you find yourself unable to sleep and on deck late at night alone. 

While you're standing there enjoying the stars, you notice a smallish jet-ski-sized aircraft land near you. You've never seen anything like it and start to panic when the thing pops open and a blue-green, hairy creature gets out and addresses you by name asking you not to scream and assuring you everything is ok. 

You're still in shock when he/she/it starts telling you that you have been selected to host an intergalactic student (the alien in front of you) for the school year and that you will be handsomely rewarded (reward not specified) for showing this creature everything possibly about life on Earth without notifying the government. 

Do you agree to host the student, and if so, what would you attempt to teach him about Earth in the present day?

It was submitted by Climaxed thanks, Jenniy!

Wow! Where do I begin?

  1. Alaska is on my travel bucket list. 
  2. It is very possible that I was star-gazing while unable to sleep.
  3. E.T. is one of my favorite 80s movies
  4. I don't rule out the existence of UFOs and aliens. 
  5. Especially after reading up on Travis Walten the other day.
  6. The inexplicable intrigues me.

Do I host this creature? 

Of course! 

I can certainly promise not to do anything to rat him out to the authorities. Us Swiss are known for respecting people's privacy. Phil Collins, Tina Turner and Shania Twain live here, and they can go about their lifves without being bothered.

However, as I'm going places, showing Alan around, - let's call my Alien Alan - even if we dress him up, I can't really guarantee that we won't draw people's attention to him. 

Now on to the hard part: what do I teach him and how?

In anticipation to my reward I decide to hire a team. If he's anything like a child, it takes a village to educate an Alien. 

What skills or knowledge am I even looking for?

  • As it turns out we won't need an interpreter. Alan understands and speaks any language you can think of. 
  • Diet is not an issue either. He is perfectly happy with a bag of Reeses Pieces per day.
  • He's super adaptable to temperatures, he's never hot or cold and therefore doesn't require clothing. Imagine what this means laundry-wise: no work!! I already like him!
  • He requires very little sleep and is eager to help out around the house. I definitely like him!

Alan is very hungry for knowledge, though.

He wants to know anything and everything, and he is very literal, so you have to be careful what you're telling him. 

  • "What's this, what is it for?"
  • "Where does it come from, how is it made?"
  • "How does it work? Do you like it?"
  • "Why (not)?"

Back to the question, what would my team and I teach him about (life on) earth? 

My friend and congenial sister Beth read my mind:

I definitely appreciate Beth talking to him about the earth's inhabitants, their diversity and common grounds, their values and challenges.

Another (Eliza)Beth I only just met a couple of days ago would teach our friendly Alien about love, kindness and language (you should go check out her blog "Mommy gone Tropical" and find out what language she speaks!) 

My same village friend and fellow working mom / prosecco lover Doris takes over the part of showing Alan the wonderful things about the (changing of) seasons, diversity of nature and the animal kingdom. "Not that easy" she concludes. 

Of course Colin wants to show him the world through a kid's eyes:

I'm confident Colin could also take over geography, flags, national anthems, popular sights and the like.

My Dad doesn't know it yet, but I'll hire him to explain all things physics and chemistry.

I'd love the aforementioned musicians to take on the responibility of educating Alan about music.

For more diversity I also asked my coworker who doesn't like to have his picture taken but loves spicy sauces. He recommended to show Alan the movie Koyaanisqatsi - life out of balance. I watched the "best scene" on YouTube. It's only a 3 minutes' sequence, and already I got depressed. By all means if Alan wants to watch it, he's welcome to do so.

As for me I'll cover "everyday life" which includes F&B with a special focus on coffee, as well as shopping and internet. 

I'm sure there is much more to life on earth, so you are very welcome to join in and share your wisdom with Alan! Leave him a comment, he'd love to hear from you!