Country Seasons - the Swiss Canadian Store

I mentioned the Canadian Store before in my own little Bethlehem post. It has become a nice tradition to go there almost as an event when we "need" extra delicious salmon. Like for Christmas. Or Mother's Day.

This Ascension weekend, Eric, Colin's best friend went to a camping trip with his outdoorsy youth group, so we invited his younger brother and his Mom along.

It was a top down kind of day!

What can you do / buy at Country Seasons?

My personal favorites are the cute little houses:

I met this cute little shopper. Oh, wait, that's my son!

This is what we purchased this time: 

They carry lots of  Canadian beer and wine, all things maple and salmon, BBQ accessories and spices, Tim Horton's ground coffee and hot chocolate mix, and also American products that are hard to find like corn syrup and jell-o which we use to make LEGO gummy treats!

Next to the actual store they have a travel agency and a room you can rent for a party. I took the picture when I was there in December - obviously ;-)

From time to time there are wine or salmon tastings. Sign up for the newsletter, and they'll let you know.

Who's they? The people who run this business, Silvia and Max Wohlwend, are a Swiss couple who lived in Canada for a few years. 

They also sell framed memes like 

"I would tell you to go to hell - but I work there, and I don't wanna see you every day!"

Or this one. My life's motto:

Was it worth the 40+ minutes' drive to Merenschwand, ey?

If you plan on going there, be sure to check their opening hours.

They have a Facebook page as well, I'm sure they appreciate followers!