Delicious Apple Cake made with Applesauce

The other day, when the weather was rainy and cold, a fellow blogger shared a yummy recipe for apple compote which reminded me that I wanted to make one of my favorite cakes that includes applesauce as a main ingredient.

This is what you'll need as far as ingredients go:

How to make applesauce:

Peel, core and chop 4-5 apples, add 3/4 cups of water and cook for about 20 minutes in a sauce pan, then mash with a fork if you like some texture, or use a blender.


If you have an oven steamer just put your apple chunks in a sieve and in an oven safe container and steam for about 20 minutes. The liquid that accumulates in that container is home made apple juice, how cool is that?

Butter your springform pan or use baking spray

Preheat your oven to 180°C / 350°F

  • Cream butter and sugar together, add salt, then one egg at a time
  • Add lemon zest, applesauce and ground hazelnut, mix until combined
  • Add flour and baking powder
  • Pour into springform pan, distribute evenly, using a spatula
  • Arrange apple slices, sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar mix

Bake for 45-50 minutes

Take out, let cool on wire rack


Here you can find Betty Bossi's original recipe in German, she makes it with pears.