Father's Day Craft

Just like Mother's Day it seems that in different countries, the Dads' holiday is being observed on different dates as well. 

I can't believe this was 4 years ago already!

Expats living in Switzerland like it - that way they get to celebrate twice! 
  • Switzerland: June 5 - although somebody just told me in the Italian part of Switzerland it was on March 19!!
  • USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France: June 19
  • Australia: Sept 3rd
I'm surprised that Father's Day is not popular in Switzerland at all. It would be such a great opportunity for sports equipment or home improvement stores and beer brands!

Then again I feel that we live in party pooper country, so I'm not surprised!

Be it as it may, it's only fair to carve out that special day to thank our Dads and husbands for being the great people that they are, providing for the family without whining (much) about it, leaving work early to show up for parent teacher meetings, playing soccer and teaching the youngster silly stuff, some useful stuff, too.

Coming up with a gift that a kid that doesn't like to make crafts, and that Dad will like, is no easy task. A couple of years ago I felt I really hit the jackpot with this ice hockey pen holder, so I thought I'd share it here:

All you need is an empty can, I think ours was from crushed tomatoes, white felt large enough to cover the can plus some extra, glue, scissors, blue and red markers for the lines (I used Sharpie) and some stickers, then get to work!

It works for other sports, too: football, soccer, tennis,... I got inspired by All Kids Network's post: