Bad Mom Moments

So this friend of mine feels really bad because not only did she forget to give her son ice cream money, she also failed to sign him up for a field trip. Never mind that he's super forgiving, and they are planning a fabulous day out to make up for it - there is always that terrible, guilty feeling of being a bad Mom. 

I know, I have been there:

  • Didn't check Colin's school bag for messages (technically it is his job to deliver those school notes to me. Still.) Went to work. Got a text message from hubby "did you know there is track & field day at school? Luckily I was still home and helped him change into gym clothes!!!" Dad of the year!
  • Forgot to pack his snack. Good thing he has nice friends!
  • Went to the mall and forgot to get back home in time, so poor little Colin rang the door bell, and nobody answered it. Resourceful guy that he is, he went to a buddy's house and called me from there.

Actually, we have all been there. 


A quick poll revealed the following:

When we were walking home from Kindergarten up the big hill, my 3 1/2 year old had a big tantrum as usual and wouldn't walk on.
I got fed up and abandoned her, knowing she would make her way home when she was good and ready.
A few minutes later the doorbell rang and I answered to a very angry lady who gave me a good telling off for being a terrible mother.

To this day that lady will not say hello to me 

Yesterday juggling a big shopping bag, a screaming toddler on my hip and three scooters to the school I managed in one typically awkward moment to drop the two bigger scooters whilst trying to pick them up the shopping bag swung off my shoulder and knocked the baby who then fell backwards over the two scooters on the floor and rolled off the curb and just into the road whilst all the food went everywhere. (There were no cars thankfully it's a side road in a village)
The lovely old lady who had been watching me struggle from across the street just tutted at me, averted her eyes and walked on, shaking her head...

I forgot to give my daughter a bottle of water for a whole day field trip with her school. It as at least a 30 degree (86°F) day.

Sent my son to school with Thai Chicken Curry for packed lunch - forgetting it was 'vegan day'

There are so many... one of my best is that I sent my daughter to kindergarten during easter break.

My son has afternoon kindergarten on Monday and I forgot Monday was a holiday and Tuesday was the first working day,  and I sent him to kindergarten in the afternoon, too. We were waiting for a long time at the entrance, no one showed up. Then after 30 mins at least we returned,  and on the way home the teacher met us and laughed for my status with a big belly nearing my due date I was walking like a penguin. 

I sent my son on a field trip in a little thin hoodie last "spring". It looked sunny and bright in the morning when I left him at the childcare, by the time they arrived at location it was 15 degree Celsius (= 59°F). Thanks goodness, they have the good sense of bringing an extra coat for the "neglected" children.

Thinking 'oh, my 9 month old won't be able to open that tube'. Then returning 2 minutes later finding her happily eating sunscreen...

My friend who has 4 kids once drove home from school (20 minute drive) before realising she had forgotten one of her kids at school.

I forgot about my son's kindergarten teacher's WEDDING! The whole class was supposed to meet and surprise her by carrying sunflowers they had made. We remembered this at dinnertime... when she had been married for about 4 hours already. Couldn't sleep last night as I felt like the ultimate loser mother! To let my son miss out on such a special moment!

I was 7months pregnant with my second boy and had a very bad case of sciatica. Took my eldest out to play in our semi enclosed and usually quite safe courtyard and got busy talking to other moms (how dare me!!) I look up and my boy was no longer playing in the sandbox. We found him happily chatting away to a complete stranger (who rescued him from being run over by a bus) on the other side of the main road. To this very day I still hyperventilate when I remember. The looks I got, I should be dead by now.

Poor old David Cameron (=Great Britain's Prime Minister) left one of his kids at the pub.

I forgot my son's cutlery on a picnic.... We packed home made food for him and he was looking at the food and cried  Luckily we packed ours as well and those thermos has cutlery in them

I made my 8 yr old daughter dress up for a scout evening, (as they were told they could). She was the only one who did.......

Tried to throw a special easter egg carton craft to my son through the 1st floor window because I could not be bothered to walk up the stairs and it fell into a small crack from which I could not retrieve it. Spent 18 CHF (about the equivalent in USD) on craft supplies to re-create it...

I let her climb up to sit on the ledge of a water fountain because "she's got this". Middle of December, and she obviously fell in.

Sent the kids to school on teacher training day. 
Forgot about non-uniform day 
Forgot to send a change of clothes on school disco day, so they had to disco in their uniform

Got off a 12 hour flight from Singapore. Picked up our lagguge and walked out to where my husband was waiting for us. After customs there was a hysterical lady (she was on the same flight as me) fighting with security saying 'I need to go back, I need to go back' It turned out she had left her son at baggage claim, and they would not let her go back in to get him. The best bit was the mum was also yelling at the dad for forgetting him. At their defence he wasn't a little kid he was about 9 and they were flying with 4 kids and had a shit load of baggage.

It was my 2nd son's birthday last Saturday and I had promised to bring a cake to the daycare today to share with his friends. Only remembered when they asked me tonight at pick up where the cake went.... Oops

So here's a let's try harder checklist