June Secret Subject Swap - My Awesome Birthday Party

Welcome to June's Secret Subject Swap. Again 12 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My subject is 

Describe for us your absolute dream birthday party. Money is of no issue. Unlimited budget, and you can invite anyone you want. Bonus points if I'm invited. :)

It was submitted by The Bergham’s Life Chronicles thanks so much, Jules!

Before you begin to read, please play this:

Then imagine how you've just exited San Diego International Airport. 

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There is a limo waiting that takes you to Humphrey's Halfmoon Inn & Suites on Shelter Island.

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You check in and make yourself at home. This is the view from your suite:

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After you've had a chance to freshen up, come down to the pool area. 

All kinds of beverages and snacks are available, so help yourself and meet your fellow guests!

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Who are my guests? 

You, you and you, too! 

I am usually not a fan of large crowds, but for this amazing birthday party I want everybody to be there! Everybody who wants to attend, that is! Bring a friend if you feel you'd be lonely. 

It'll be interesting to find out who will be there!

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I also put together a guest list with a couple of actors I'd like to see there. The ladies who "incorporate me", Meg Ryan, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Carol Potter, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Billy Crystal, Harrison Ford, just to name a few. 

Don't eat too much finger food just yet, though - the BBQ buffet is about to be ready in an hour!

There are several tables being set up with an amazing choice of meat, seafood, grilled veggies, salads, baked potatoes, you name it!

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At a booth on the other end of the grill there is a selection of wines, presented by local wine growers.

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When you have a minute, check the board in the hotel lobby and sign up for tomorrow's activities. 

Also please give me a smile in the photo booth - I want a picture of everyone!

As the sun sets, and everybody has enjoyed plenty of delicious food from the Surf & Turf Buffet, you can hear a murmur going through the crowd. 

Oh my goodness, they're here! Coldplay! 

Chris Martin grabs the microphone: "Hello everybody, it's so great to be here, what a fantastic place to celebrate my birthday tonight..."


"What? What's so funny about what I said? You don't believe it's my birthday?"

Turns out we get to celebrate together!

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After they have played just about the entire A Rush of Blood to the HeadParachutes and A Head full of Dreams album, Chris announces that our birthday cake is ready!

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More like our birthday cakes, plural! There are all kinds of cakes and pies. Some that I know of because I ordered them. Some that turn out to be gifts. Friends who had arrived early, went on a secret baking mission in the hotel kitchen and created some sweet surprises - thank you so much!

There is some more music, and some family and friends get on stage to say something. 

Of course it can't be my absolute dream birthday party if there aren't some amazing fireworks!

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People who have it in them dance and party all night. 

The next morning after brunch people meet their groups for the outings. 

Some have already left very early, though. They just came back in time for pancakes from their sunrise hot air balloon ride above Temecula.

So what are you gonna do? Explore the harbor by yacht, attend a race at the Del Mar horse track and / or improve your handicap at Torrey Pines golf course?

Of course you may also enjoy the hotel spa, hit the gym, play some tennis or hang out at the pool (bar) with a book.

Need to slow down today? Take an artisan bread baking class, attend a roast your own coffee seminar or a wine tasting or make a cupcake for the birthday girl!

On the other hand, if in San Diego you may want to visit SeaWorld, the Zoo, Safari Park or Legoland! 

Transportation, equipment, tickets, snacks, it's all taken care of! 

Oh, did I mention there are kids' activities as well? Leave the youngsters with a group of handpicked daycare workers who will make sure your children are not only being looked after more than well but will have an unforgettably fun day!

Just make sure you're back by 7pm for Western Night!

(Don't forget to leave your laundry bag outside your room before heading down - it'll be all done by early tomorrow!)

Now it's time to collect your boots, cowboy hats and plaid shirts! 

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Have a beer, a cowboy burger, a good time! 

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And here's our special guest, please welcome Mr Tim McGraw!

If you still have some energy left, you may join the line dance instructor, do some lasso practise, toss horseshoes, try your luck washing gold, oh speaking of luck, there is also a bit of gambling going on in the tent over there. I may have arranged for a handful of guaranteed wins - as long as you donate some of your winnings to a cause of your choice!

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Oh my goodness, wasn't this the greatest weekend? 

Thank you so much for coming, you helped making this birthday an unforgettable one! Also thank you for respecting my wish and not bringing a gift. Your presence was all I wanted! Of course the cakes were a very nice touch, thanks again!

If you don't have anywhere to be, feel free to stay another day or two, hey, why don't you make it a week, relax and enjoy! We all deserve a time-out every now and then!

Otherwise your limo driver will take you, your bags and a portable ice chest containing leftover food and beverages for you to enjoy at home to the airport in time to make your flight back. 

So tell me, did you attend? What did you like best?