Photographer's Choice

Can you believe another month is over?

July's theme is Photographer's Choice which - to me - translates as "anything goes". Easy and hard at the same time. What to pick?

Well, it's summer, why don't I share some of our highlights? 

Let's start with Jugendfest, our traditional summer youth festival. It takes place annualy to complete the school year. Every other year it includes the colorful Freischarenmanöver. What on earth is that? I blogged about it in 2014.

Colin and his buddy Vincent attended swim class every morning during the first week of school break. My friend, my mom and I took turns taking them there. I was particularly proud of my son aka Hockey Guy, because so far he had refused to learn to swim. The weather got really bad during the week: air temps of 60°F, mean cold winds, rain on and off - the kids took it amazingly easy.

In the afternoon I took them to see Ice Age Collision Course, and on our way home they fell asleep. Now that's something I haven't experienced in a while ;-)

The next shot is from a day in Zurich. This is my favourite building at Bahnhofstrasse. I don't know anything about it, architectural or otherwise. I just think it's pretty, especially with a blue sky like this!

On 7/24 we celebrated our 12 years' anniversary at a nearby lake resort. It was a gorgeous day, and the evening light made everything even more awesome.

As much as I would like to just have fun over the summer, unfortunately my job needs attention as well. During one week my coworker who works full time, plus my mom who watches Colin on the one day he's not at daycare, were both on vacation. So, true to my blog's name, this part-time working mom had to juggle it all. 
Little guy enjoyed some extended iPad time in the conference room (can you believe he was watching AC/DC lyrics..?) while I was frantically trying to get sh** done. He got rewarded with lunch at his favourite sandwich place.

I hope you are having as much fun with this post as I am! Here's the link-up so you can check out the other posts! For now I am off to the airport to pick up my brother!

See you next month!