Top Ten Thursday - Happy Places

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Today's theme is a feel-good one; we're talking about our Top Ten Happy Places

For some people it's the forest, the gym or church. As for me... here you go, in geographical order, so to speak ;-)

  1. My bed, even though most nights I have trouble falling / staying asleep, in the mornings I don't want to leave - that must count for something!
  2. My desk at home because that's where I do all the fun stuff: blog writing and reading, playing online games like "words with friends", watching cooking shows on Youtube or romantic comedies on DVD, googling and pinning things for the next birthday party,... I guess this makes "the Internet" my happy place #2.5
  3. Starbucks. You knew this was coming, right? My former employer and home away from home aka the third place. A place I like to meet a friend, and a place I like to be to write. My favourite store is at my favourite mall, see #4
  4. Glatt Center. They host Globus, probably the nicest department store, tons of clothing stores, M├╝sliburg, the children's place, Yoji's, Colin's sushi place, a spacious book store, a Body Shop, and they always have great decoration in summer and winter (indoor ice rink), oh, and free parking!!! In Switzerland!
  5. IKEA. I may have mentioned it once or twice. They conditioned me when I was a kid. Ball pit playground, meatballs, friendly, multilingual staff,... What other companies do I bake a birthday cake for?
  6. The airport, because great journeys start there. I also loved to be allowed to walk on the tarmac and other places when I worked for SWiSS. Even if I don't leave for vacation myself, I like to go to the airport to take or pick up loved ones, or even just to people watch.
  7. Chicago, as long as temps are above freezing point! I don't know if it is because of ER (hi there, George Clooney!), but the Downtown area with the L-tracks, the cool bridges and architectural marvels, the Wrigley building, the Buckingham fountain and Navy Pier are places I want to go back to every time! I still have to find out where that LOVE sculpture is located, so I need to go back soon!
  8. La Jolla Cove, it seems to be my power place or something, San Diego being my second home and San Francisco, especially the Golden Gate Vista Point at Conzelman Road. I cried (happy tears, this is a happy post) when I was there for the first time, I think it was in 1999. Overwhelmingly beautiful! #8.5 Pier 39, definitely a happy, yet touristy place, Hard Rock Cafe included.
  9. Kruger National Park in South Africa for the wonderful animals you can spot on your safari. A truly magical experience! #9.5 would be Capetown's V&A Waterfront. Malls, restaurants, aquarium, entertainment - and a stunning view! 
  10. Sydney in general, and Darling Harbor in particular, it is the Australian equivalent to #8.5 and 9.5, add to that the friendliest mates!

There is a serious pattern going on with me, isn't there? Cities, shopping, restaurants and scenic views, preferably by the water...

Let me tell you a back story:

Once upon a time there was a young woman who had a baby girl. Mommy thought her baby would really like to hang out in her stroller that was strategically placed underneath a  beech in their garden. 
Well, as it turned out, the baby hated it and kept crying. She'd much rather go for a stroller ride where she was gonna meet people who talked to her.

One day Mommy needed something to wear for her hubby's office Christmas party, and she couldn't find a babysitter. She was feeling very guilty for taking her tiny daughter to the mall. Mommy tried on her clothes as quickly as she could, until she noticed something surprising: the baby was having a blast! 

The little girl pointed at the sparkly Christmas lights and the colorful decoration thingies, she was smiling at the sales people and the other customers, and she was definitely in no hurry to leave the mall! 

And Mommy and the baby lived happily ever after!

You guessed right, the baby girl was me. Not much has changed!

How about you? Which are your happy places?

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