Top Ten Thursday - Online Shopping

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! 

I had to move Top Ten Tuesday to Thursday, so that people who will join can still do their Travel Tuesday. We're flexible like this.

My blogging friend Mandy over at With Love inspired this theme: 

10 things I have to order off Amazon 

(cause I can't buy them in Switzerland), in chronological order:

  1. St. Patrick's Day: hoodies, decoration items, tablecloth, napkins,...
  2. Birthday: party items, gifts such as rare Disney cars, soft ice hockey sticks
  3. Halloween: see #1
  4. Elf on the Shelf: the Elf itself, clothes for the Elf
  5. Christmas: holiday PJs, gifts, see #2
  6. Crafting supplies, think Cricut 
  7. Baking: silicone holds and non-perishable ingredients (allspice, peppermint extract) for above mentioned holidays
  8. Entertainment: DVDs and books that if I waited long enough may appear on the European market. As patience isn't my strong suit... bring it on,!!
  9. Drugstore items: while we can buy perfectly fine deodorants, facial toners and sun block lotions in Switzerland, I prefer certain specific products that aren't available here
  10. Just because: Starbucks gift cards for American friends

So this is going to happen every Thursday as long as we're having fun!

The theme for July 14 is "Top Ten Things I love / hate about blogging challenges", it has been inspired by Liz who is an American in Basel and who has committed to join with a decicive maybe!

If you'd like to be part of this, too, please leave me a message in the comment section or on the Facebook Event I've created - I'd love to have you!

This one is my secret surprise for Colin's 

Minecraft birthday party in September - 
don't tell him just yet!

If you're an expat or a crazy person like me: what are things that you'll order online from abroad and pay a sh**load for shipping and handling?